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From the Living Crystal Cave

From the Living Crystal Cave

SKU: 8242101


The piece that we are offering is made entirely of crystals. These

.aren’t just your run-of-the-mill crystals, either. They are from a crystal healing cave that lives in Peru. Yes, I said lives, because the crystal cave that these crystals come from does exactly that. IT lives. We aren’t sure if they are alien lifeforms sent to Earth or if the ߆†@№//magic of the ancients transformed the cave into a living entity. Perhaps, even God himself created it. We simply do not know.

What we do know is that the crystals harvested from the cave are excessively illuminating. They aren’t healing for physical purposes. They are healing for metaphysical purposes. They are going to illuminate the mind and give you a connection to the universe that is so sharp that you will be able to call upon the powers of the cosmos by name and speak them into existence.

This piece is going to give your mind a spiritual alignment that will open up gateways and doorways so you can harvest magic from other dimensions. Again, we don’t what this magic is. There are no words for the magic because the magic is not native to Earth. It’s like trying to describe what love means to somebody who has never felt it before. You just have to experience it for it to make sense. Afterward, you will be able to manifest it into existence in your actual physical world. You will most likely be the only person who knows them, given the exclusivity of their origins.

For instance, when I first test this piece I was given the ability to become this creature with many eyes. It was almost like a throne angel with all of their eyes, but it wasn’t an angelic form. It was just a different type of entity. This wasn’t an astral experience, either. I actually physically changed form. I cannot guarantee you will do that, but I did.

Anyway, I was able to see through each one of my many eyes into a different place in the universe. Each of the eyes saw a different power and each power that each eye saw was absorbed into my body, so that way I could carry back with me to my realm of existence. I’m not really sure what you would call that. The point is that this piece will give everyone their own experiences and you can use it again and again and again. Each time you will experience something different.

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