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God vs God:  The Perfect Fusion of Magic From Bohemian Grove

God vs God: The Perfect Fusion of Magic From Bohemian Grove

SKU: 22521067


We now accept several payment forms for your convenience.  We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.  If you want to PayPal the money, email Deedee and let her know and we will send you an invoice.  You can pay via CashApp and Venmo.  For these two, you will email Deedee and she will send you an invoice.  Finally, we accept Zelle.  Zelle is done through your bank and the limits on Zelle are set by them.  You will send the money using the email address  Prior to sending money, please email Deedee and let her know what the money is for.  If we receive money and no explanation we are not going to know what it is for and we will assume it is a gift.  

We also accept cash through the mail at your risk.  We are not responsible if the cash is lost or stolen en route to our address.  


We have not offered a good Bohemian Grove piece for some time, so here is that piece.  Personally, we love pieces from the Bohemian Grove.  We have a connection that is in with the big wigs that frequent the place.  I'm not saying it's super easy to get one of these pieces, because you have to know the right people at the right time.  What I will say is that we didn't have to go on an investigation to get this piece, which means that we can pass those savings on to you.  Trust me, this piece probably would have been a lot pricier if we actually had to go out of our way to get it.  

Another reason we like Bohemian Grove pieces is that they are so powerful.  The people who attend Bohemian Grove have found a magical sweet spot.  It's almost like a vortex that enhances all of the magical pieces that they create.  Pieces that we get that have come from Bohemian Grove are always deep-rooted and life-changing.  That's partially due to the fact that they are summoning the presence of a very powerful god, Molech.  It also has something to do with the fact that Bohemian Grove is on an ancient Indian Burial site.  

Anyway, the piece that we are offering is this elephant pin.  This piece is both sterling and antique.  It is a very valuable piece to have on its own.  On top of that, it has been imbued with fusion magic.  By this I mean that power has been imparted upon this piece by gods from different belief systems.  These two forms of magic have been melded together to create colossal magic that will allow whoever owns this piece to be very well off with what the piece offers to them.  

On one hand, this piece summons the presence of Ganapati.  This is one of the ancient variants of Lord Ganesha.  He is the ancient overcomer of obstacles.  He opens doors and he makes ways.  He blesses the path that you walk on with utmost success.  You can call upon him to eliminate all obstacles in your path.  On top of that, he delivers protection from all evil and darkness and will bless your life with satisfaction and fulfillment.  He will bring abundance to all areas of your life.  

On the other hand, you have the God Molech.  Molech is an ancient bringer of wealth.  This is wealth like a fountain that runs freely through your life.  This is a life-changing acquisition of wealth that you will be able to acquire in whatever way works best for you.  If you want wealth in business, you got it.  If you want to earn money at the casino, you got it.  If you need this piece to help you win a major lawsuit, you got it.  Whatever way you are trying to acquire cash, this piece will help you with it.  However, Molech is not just a god of wealth.  Common misconception there.  He is also a god of magic.  

This piece capitalizes on that fact and will allow you to develop a connection with Molech as a means of fabricating and manifesting your own magical sources.  In other words, Molech will help you create your own magic.  You will meditate with the piece, connect with the god, tell him what you want to create, and-- for the most part-- he will create it for you.  

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