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Grove Of 13 Trees

Grove Of 13 Trees

SKU: 4162301


The background of the pin is not black but see through.

The thing about Celtic Druids is that they are omnipotent. They call the Grove of Thirteen Tees their home. They are born of the knowledge that emanates in the realm. Their only mother is the Mother Goddess. They have no father. Of course, I'm talking about the original Celtic Druids. There are those mortals who have managed to join their ranks, but they had to go through a spiritual transformation where they had to leave their mortality behind and swear allegiance to the Mother Goddess. They are mortal born but born again of the spirit.

We are talking about the original Celtic Druids, though. These are the ones who were never mortal. They are spirit form druids who were given human skin to wear when they made their appearance on Earth. Their magic is unparalleled. They hold the magic of the Grove of Thirteen Trees. These are thirteen Trees of Life whose roots grow into the mortal world like fingers. They grab for power and magic and when they get it, it is sucked through to the mortal realm like a magical vortex. The mother goddess turned this magic into formless souls. These became the first druids. They know all the magic of the world and then some.

There are 13 of these original Celtic Druids. They are called the Fathers of Time because they have power and magic from all times, from the beginning up until today. They are immortal, all-knowing, all-seeing power brokers whose supply of magic never runs out, because the Grove of Thirteen Trees is constantly siphoning magic and power from the mortal realm to give to the Fathers of Time.

The little stones set into this pin and the metal itself holds the power. They create an anomaly, the powers of which can be drawn upon to create magic. In this case, the magic was the ability to summon one of the Thirteen Fathers of Time into this piece.

When using this piece you will be able to summon your Father of Time to create magic for you. You will tell him what it is you want to be created and he will create it for you. He can give you powers directly or he can put powers into this piece for you to use when you want them. Don't be shy when using this piece. Ask for whatever you want-- wealth, astral travel, the ability to communicate with aliens, healing powers of the Atlantis, the ability to raise people from the dead, the ability to create entities such as vampires, the ability to travel in time, etc. He is a very powerful druid, so he can grant some very powerful magic!

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