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Guiding Star of the Divine Path

Guiding Star of the Divine Path

SKU: 5262128


Sometimes in life, it is easy to lose our way.  The stresses of life catch up to us.  The negativity of other people is always nagging in our ears.  We feel like there is nowhere to turn, as we could potentially be lost or in danger.  For all these reasons and more, this piece has been created.

This piece is a hybrid piece and it holds two different aspects of white light magic.  First and foremost, it holds the divine presence of the Holy Spirit.  He will give you the cleansing of the spirit with the holy fire.  Once this cleansing has been done, the second part of this piece will ic in.  

The second part of this piece is spiritual guidance.  When using this piece, you will receive spiritual guidance from the Star of Bethlehem.  Granted you won't actually see a star.

Instead, this is more of a moral compass that will be instilled within you, where you will be able to receive messages from God that will guide you along your journey.  It's like white light GPS.  The best part is that if you are walking along your life path or you feel lost at any point, all you have to do is meditate with this piece, or pray with this piece.  

The inner workings of God will be released into your mind and you will subliminally know what choices you are supposed to make to not stray from your path of divine destiny.  Likewise, if there is something you would like to experience in life, simply use this piece to communicate it to the Holy Spirit and He will see to it that it is added.  
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