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Harmonic Resonance

Harmonic Resonance

SKU: 2132227


Unfortunately, we have to put this before each of the listings. We have customers that are new and are not on our mailing list. We have customers inquiring, so we just wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

If you are ordering a carnival or 38.00 we have many of them. You may or may not get what’s in the picture. If you are buying from any of our four websites from the years from 2019 and below please ask if we have the item you are looking at. We hired a donkey-jaw and he mixed stuff up. I caught one today where the lady paid almost 300 and the picture showed costume jewelry. The actual item was sterling silver. I contacted her as I will if more of these issues come up. Thank you for understanding.

Dee Dee.

This piece is a pendant for which you will need to provide a chain. Alternatively, you can carry it in your pocket. You will see that it contains crystals that are sapphire blue in color, but it does open up if you want to place other smaller stones inside or some kind of talcum or powder. You could even do a little bit of ash if you want. Different things hold different powers.

The crystals will act as carrying agents that will deliver the energies of whatever you decide to put in the piece. If you don't have anything there-- even if you do-- the powers of this piece will emit an energy that will cause something called harmonic resonance within your body.

The problem with mental clarity is that there are all these energies all around us, permeating our minds and our bodies. Humans are not that in touch with holistic and spiritual well-being, so they don't realize that in order to maintain healthy mental wellness you need to also ensure that the energies that your body is experiencing are balanced. It's as important as eating a balanced diet.

The crystals in this piece will create that balance for you, which will open you up to a lot of things. It will also allow you to meditate better. It will allow you to connect to magic and bond with your items better. It will free your mind of worry and doubt. It will give you more energy. It just promotes better mental clarity and wellness, which is something we can all appreciate.

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