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Harnessing YOUR Atlantis Power!

Harnessing YOUR Atlantis Power!

SKU: 21724031


You will hear often in mainstream media outlets that Atlantis was only a myth. Those same people will say that Plato was spot on. You can’t have both ways. If you were taught Plato in school as I was and he was accurate then he should be accurate about Atlantis as well, right? Well he was. This piece is a super long crystal that holds the true Atlantis powers to heal among other things. First this is easy to hold. Secondly it will only work for those who want to heal and expand their psychic ability. What does this do? It heals you and others. When you wear it which should be under your clothes it’s picking up your hidden soul energy. This is why you must want to actually heal yourself and others. This will heal, open psychic ability, do energy work, spiritual growth, opening up the lines to communication with higher realms, past lives and balancing chakras if you keep them.

This can be used by anyone. This is very easy to hold and use. This uses not only the technology of Atlantis but the power of your past lives and hidden abilities as well.

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