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Holy Chalice Infusion Ring

Holy Chalice Infusion Ring

SKU: 3242107

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There's not a whole lot to say about this piece.  We call this piece the Chalice Infusion because that's exactly what it is.  When we talk about the Chalice we are talking about the cup that was used in the original Eucharist during the last supper.  At this point, Jesus told his disciples to take the bread he had broken, for it was his body.  He gave them a chalice filled with wine and told them to the cup and to drink it all.  Inside was the blood that he would use to write the contract that would save mankind from its sin.  

These days it seems just a little absurd that somebody would order his followers to eat his body and to drink his blood.  Some people think that this original act of the Eucharist was symbolic, but I assure you that it was not.  Just like Jesus turned water into wine, just as he made five fish and two loaves feed a crowd,  and as sure as he walked on water, Jesus allowed the bread to be transformed into his body when the bread touched the disciple's lips.  Jesus allowed the wine to transform into his own blood as soon as it touched their lips.  

Some people that you talk to these days will claim that the Eucharist is still real, but I tend to believe that it is mostly symbolic only because I've been to the Last Supper, I've seen the reactions of the disciples as Jesus body entered their own.  I've seen the look on their faces as Jesus' blood became one with their own.  I've also had regular communion many times but was majorly underwhelmed.  I mean, I guess it's a neat spiritual symbolism, but the binding of Jesus Christ's body within your own?  Yeah, that isn't happening.

There's more to that trip that I took to the Last Supper.  We sell pieces like the one that used to travel there pretty often actually.  They are the ones that allow you to travel along the space-time continuum to anywhere you want to go.  I'm always sure to say that the piece will allow you to acquire the powers and abilities of the places you will travel.  Well, that's exactly how i got this piece.  I was testing one of those pieces out.  I honestly don't remember which one.  I decided I was going to travel to the last supper.  

I carried this piece with me.  It was originally a beautiful ring with a clear stone.  However, when I arrived at the last supper, I placed my ring in the chalice that was given to the disciples by Jesus.  I allowed the ring to sit in the Chalice until all of the disciples drank from it.  Looking in the cup I found that the stone that used to be clear was completely transformed into the deep red shade that you see in the picture.  This ring was a rare type before I tossed it into the chalice, but when it came out red it was even rarer than before.  This is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece.  

Oh, and because I know somebody out there is wondering-- they couldn't see me and I could see them.  The physicality was the same, but we were two sets of spiritual entities in two realities.  They didn't know I was there, just like is somebody else was there I wouldn't have known any better.  Since I was visiting the Last Supper, obviously I was allowed to see the originals involved in the shindig.  It was not the only time I traveled to this point in time, but honestly, it was the most rewarding.  

Alas, the piece that we are offering-- the Chalice Infusion Ring.  As I said before there isn't anything really over-the-top to tell you.  This piece is incredibly powerful.  It was given its powers at the Eucharist as it sat in the chalice that was passed around.  The blood of Christ has discolored the crystal, which now holds an insane amount of power.  Why?  Because the power of the chalice has been accidentally infused into this ring.  

What does this mean?  It's simple.  This means that you are going to receive the Eucharist.  Not the metaphorical or symbolic one, either.  This piece allows you to receive the actual body and blood of Christ.  This invites Christ in and allows him to live inside of you.  This will open up and awaken your own divinity.  You will gain divine agelessness and immortal and eternal youth.  When you wear the piece you will gain the Christ Consciousness, including all of his many powers, abilities, forms of magic, his many forms of ancient knowledge, etc.  You will gain the ability to grant miracles for yourself and for others. 
This piece will allow you to look upon the face of God and not die.  This is because Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity and is, moreover, the son of God.  If he is alive in you then that means you are basically Christ on Earth all over again. .You gain his powers, yes; but most of all you gain a personal and intimate connection with God.  This is not like one you can have through prayer.  This is the ability to know God, to know how he moves, to know how he exists, to know the inner workings of his mind, and to know his hidden and divine knowledge.  

This ring is a complete infusion of the chalice into this ring.  Some would call it the Holy Grail, but it is the sustenance of Jesus' bloodline.  That is essentially what you own with this ring-- the blood rights to Jesus lineage and his bloodline.  You own the rights to his divinity.  You own the right to his power.  Cut ties with your mortal existence when you wear this piece and realize what it really feels like-- and means-- to exist as a deity!
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