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Hopi Indian Ring

Hopi Indian Ring

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Hopi Indian Ring

This ring represents the 7 spirits and gifts of the Hopi. This does healing which is something the Hopi do well. To use it heal you will wear it. I believe it’s a size 9 now. This is all sterling silver and adjustable which is good because you can go up or down a size. The ring is also very large so keep that in mind if you like smaller things.

You also get protection from what the Hopi call the 5th wheel. The 5th wheel is what we have entered now. This is when the world gets weird and there is a lack of food and financial destruction, that among many other things. You don’t have to be a Hopi or even any kind of Native American to use this. The Hopi are a very peaceful tribe who rarely even went to war against other tribes. They are natural seers with psychic ability and the ability to heal is extreme.

I didn’t get this from any investigation and I didn’t make it either. I got this last about three years ago in Vineland NJ while eating at a diner off of RT 47. It’s this little dive that doesn’t look spectacular or anything but the some of the food is really good and you go there just for that. They have this dinner that’s 12.99, its grilled chicken, London broil and fried flounder. It takes me three days to eat it. They make the best broccoli to me because I like it soft. While I was there you always get talking to other people, it’s what NJ diners are all about, that and the food. I met the Indian chief who was not from NJ but in there for a meeting among other Native Americans. He was from Arizona and I was telling him different places he could visit. We talked about an hour and got into politics, religion and all kinds of stuff. It was when we got into religion that I told him what I do and he gave me this. Of course we talked about times to come which is why I really think he gave it to me. He said I would know what to do with it when the time came. I asked him what he thought of it going on the website because he brought it up, I would never do that as it was a gift. He said he felt I would already knew what was coming, which I did. He said make sure the person appreciates it and would need it. I feel if you buy it, you need it and what it can do for you. This will also bring visions but also how to deal with them so you are not left wondering what to do. That along with what the ring can do to help you makes this a most wonderful piece!

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