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I AM THAT I AM-- The Divine Genetics in Our DNA Programming

I AM THAT I AM-- The Divine Genetics in Our DNA Programming

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This piece is either 14k gold or 18k gold.  We're not sure.  The stone is absolutely beautiful.  This is a very powerful piece.  Read below for more details.  

What determines who we are?  I don't mean this is a philosophical sense.  I'm not a hippy and I"m not going to hugging any trees any time soon.  The answer to the question is simple.  It's the DNA that is written into the nucleus of our cells.  These are codes of intelligence that were written by an extremely intelligent being and at this point I'm going to say to those of you who don't believe in God (despite the countless items we offer that have been imparted with powers from Him and Heaven), maybe I can now change your mind.  

Before I tell you what this piece does for you, I'd like to simply take a look at computer programming.  Your computer looks fancy.  It may be a touchscreen.  It may have buttons.  However, on the inside, there is much more going on than a flashy display.  Everything that happens on your computer is communicated in a language called binary code.  Binary code uses the numbers 1 and 0 in different sequences to tell your computer what to do at speeds that are ridiculously fast.  In fact, I'm sitting here typing this wondering how many codes are transmitted just while typing  It's a lot.  

The reason I bring this up is that human DNA looks a lot like that Binary Code system, except it is a bit more complex.  Instead of the numbers 1 and 0, our DNA uses different sequences of letters.  A, C, G, and T are the "letters" of the DNA code.  These letters aren't just letters, but they stand for the name of the life-giving chemicals adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T).  These chemicals make up the specific nitrogenous nucleotide bases of human DNA.  

A single strange of human DNA contains 3 billion sequences of the letters A, C, G, and T.  These are microscopic elements that live in our body.  I am not a computer programmer, but my brother is.  I have seen him get really frustrated when trying to write a program using Binary Code.  Throw in a couple of more variables, add some human life, and then you have people who want to say that humanity is not something that was created by an intelligent designer.  

If that doesn't turn your way of thinking, then maybe this will.  Remember the burning bush that Moses spoke to?  God spoke to Moses and presented Himself as the great "I Am."  The name given to Moses by God is the tetragrammaton of the Hebrew letters yod, hey, waw, hey, or "I AM THAT I AM."  Let's compare this tetragrammaton to the four main elements of DNA.    

We've already discovered that the DNA is made up of 4 nucleotides, right?  A, C, G, and T.  There are also four elements that are present in DNA those are hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen.  The trick to mastering DNA sequences is to convert the numbers of the elements into letters.  Based on their corresponding atomic mass values, hydrogen becomes the Hebrew letter yod (Y).  Nitrogen becomes the letter Hey (H), Oxygen becomes the letter waw (V or W).  Carbon becomes the letter Gimel (G).  

Thus, we have YHWH.  You would say, well that doesn't match up because God's tetragrammaton was YHWH.  Yes, his was.  That extra H is what makes him spiritual.  Hydrogen is the most copious element in the entire universe.  The G in our DNA-- carbon-- is the difference that has allowed us to become corporeal beings.  we were not created as God, rather we were created in his image.  There are a lot of things about existence that humans still don't know.  There are a lot of things about DNA that humans still don't know.  It would take one human to count one sequence every second a total of 50 years to count the 3 billion nucleotide sequences in human DNA.  

Look, people.  Just like we told you last night.  God placed the stars in our solar system to teach us his wisdom.  He has also given part of Himself so that way he might dwell within us.  It is called the God Genome.  To awaken the genome is to become like God.  TO think like God and to exist as God exists, only in physical form.  That is one of the things that this piece will do for you.  It holds a spark of hydrogenous energy that will swim through your veins and spark enlightenment within your own genetic sequence.  This will allow the divine to come out of hiding and come to the forefront of your life.  

Through this awakening, you will gain a telepathic connection to God.  You will be able to see through his eyes and you will be able to experience the universe with his mind.  Not only that, but this piece also contains millions of other sequences that will allow you to add or take away from your own, thus allowing you to gain the knowledge of other types of beings.  There are genetic codes for everything in existence.  The knowledge of these genetics was one of the things that were hidden inside of the Ark of the Covenant.  We are not at liberty to tell you how we came into contact with the piece, but we have.  

Not only does this piece allow you to manifest your inner divine sequence, but it will give you the ability to manifest the DNA sequences of other entities into your body.  Once the sequences have circulated, the knowledge of that entity will become your own.  This includes and powers, abilities, or magic that the entity possesses.  The genetic codes for all entities are in this piece.  Angelic sequences, djinn sequences, even demon sequences are in this piece.  Vampire sequences and werewolf sequences are in this piece.  The DNA sequences of all sorts of the holy and divine hosts are in this piece.  Fairies, elves, cherubim, archangels, serpents of knowledge, even the DNA sequences of living but stationary things such as the Great Pyramids and the Tree of Life will be given to you if you want them.  

This piece can also be used to search out the genetic codes of specific members of entity types.  For example, if you wanted to create the DNA of King Solomon within yourself you could.  You would gain the knowledge of his Greater and Lesser keys, his knowledge of very powerful magic, etc.  In fact, this piece will help you find the DNA sequence of anybody whose DNA you want to become your own.  This piece's power never runs out.  As I told you above, this is a power that was found in the Ark of the covenant, so this piece is a bridge that holds this power, but which will also connect you to that power so that way you never run out!  

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