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Iddhi Of Pure Potency

Iddhi Of Pure Potency

SKU: 162350


The Iddhi of pure potency plus a lot more!

I have no idea where to begin on this one if a kind masterpiece. This is like the supernatural meeting of all things powerful. The research I had to do on this piece kept leading me down done deep rabbit holes! Usually I know what I have because of experiences I have with the item or the testing of it. I did all that and while it has been a wild ride and a one of a kind one at that, I still wanted to know more. I had to know more! I felt there was a lot I was missing. So here goes.

Iddhi means potency and power, extreme power of the heavens, Earth and cosmic dimensions. These powers include powers of the Confederation of Clans, the men you see here. Psychic powers which are invisibly, passing through solid objects, flying through the air in your astral body BUT if alone in the physical body, ascending to the highest of Heavens. This also includes gaining the greatest of mystic wonders. The greatest splendor, success and prosperity.

The psychic powers are way beyond what a high functioning human psychic would have.

Belonging to another special order the Ariyan Iddhi holds many more abilities. The knowledge of passion which is full sexual function. This to be more detailed is transcendence in the sexual act. It is pure body pleasure and yet you don’t feel the body BUT YOU DO FEEL! That one is hard to explain but you will love that shit!

The Divine Eye which is knowing all your past lives and those of others. This includes the birth of worlds and the destruction of them.

The Divine Ear is to hear the sounds in heaven and the conversations there. It also gives you knowledge of others minds along with the thoughts and emotions of them.

Most of those alive who possess these types of powers are Monks who do nothing but try to help the world. They do this is secret and never show their power.

You will also have full access to the Tantric master and full purification. This will also include all celestial wise cosmic Buddhas.

You will also get Fodosama who is a Japanese wisdom king. He is chief of the five wisdom kings and most powerful. He is known as the king of light and wisdom, destroyer of evil and removes obstacles.

The stone at the bottom is a real agate and so are the stones on the top. This is an antique piece and each carving is worth about 3 to 5 hundred dollars or more. These are not new or carved by the hand of a normal human.

If you were looking to compare this piece with other supernatural magic,who? What? A djin? I would laugh my butt right off! Seriously, this is power you don’t have to beg for. You won’t deal with something that someone tells you you have to believe for it to work! No! This is real magic, not the kiddie crap.

If you have more questions go back and read. Go back and think about what is written here. This is up there with some of my best pieces but yet it’s magic is totally different. It’s more cosmic and heavenly. To each his own though and that’s why we carry a variety of the most powerful items.

Also don’t forget to check out the eBay auctions. My user ID is 2piratesbringutreasure

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