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Khatam Kuli Aljini

Khatam Kuli Aljini

SKU: 922109


This piece is sterling with real stones.

Since we are talking about items that can summon entities and magic, now would be the perfect time to introduce a piece that is called Khatam Kuli Aljini which is Arabic for the ring of a djinn. We call it the KKA. it has been created with the magic from the Kaaba. The Kaaba is a holy structure that has been built around a sacred black meteorite. The meteorite has been placed on Earth by God as a sign of the covenant that he made with Abraham i ancient times.

The black stone that is housed in the Kaaba has been known to produce many different divine spectacles. From granting miracle to allow people to supposedly transcend into the seven realms of Heaven, the magical tales that surround the Kaaba keeps pilgrims coming back to the site year after year hoping they will receive just a smidgeon of that magic. Some do, most do not. However, since you’ve read this far, you should know that this is your chance to acquire the magic of the Kaaba without ever having to step foot in Saudi Arabia which is where the holy destination is located.

This piece has made the pilgrimage and has visited the black stone of the Kaaba. It has been imbued with the magical ability to summon an infinite amount of djinn of all kinds. The miracle that this ring has received is the miracle of the smokeless flame. Ir transforms your mortal mind into a portal that can call upon any type of djinnn and pull them into reality in their spirit form. Once you have done this you will become the djinn’s master and their magic will become their own. From wealth-granting djinn, to wish-granting djinn, to miracle creating djinn, to astral djinn, psychic djinn, or djinn that bring you the divine light of God-- this ring will allow you to summon any type of djinn that you can think of in your mind.

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