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Legba's Souls.

Legba's Souls.

SKU: 5262134

This necklace is made up of beautiful peacock colored pearls with a silver clasp.  This piece is extremely powerful and we actually received this piece from a third party who asked not to be named.  They are into Voodoo magic and evidently in a real-life version of "the Devil Went Down to Georgia," this piece was won when against Papa Legba in some sort of supernatural bargaining match.  

It's no secret the Papa Legba is pretty ruthless when it comes to his magic and it is also no secret that his Voodoo magic the most powerful around.  He stands at the crossroads between the mortal and immortal and allows Voodoo magic to flow.  On occassion when a mortal is asking for something extreme, Legba will ask for somethin in return.  

In many cases he barters for souls.  These souls are then converted into eternal power sources that allow him to grant innumerable amounts of magic.  Legba has many souls and you'd be hard-pressed to find anybody as powerful as he is when it comes to Voodoo magic.  

This strand of pearl holds the soul energy of Papa Legba.  Of course, this isn't nearly all of it, it's only some.  Each pearl represents a soul's worth of magic xhith at has ben put into this piece.  He has millions.  Howe   ver, this piece is enough soul energy that it will give you access to Legba's magic.  You will simply wear the piece.  This will connect you to Legba's presence.  All you will have to do is envision the Voodoo magic or spell and consier it done.
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