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LIttle Bone Buddha

LIttle Bone Buddha

SKU: 11272107

This Buddha has been carved out of bone.  Within is the presence of a real enlightened buddha from the orient.  His name will be revealed to you when you use the piece, as we are not allowed to publicly reveal it to anyone, because of how sacred his name is.  

This buddha can be used in several ways.  First and foremost, the buddha can be used to bring good fortune and wealth.  He merely needs to be kept in the house to grant you that.  He will also protect you from dark and sinister forces of malice.  

Additionally, you can use the bottom of this piece as a wax seal to grant your wishes.  You will write what you want on a sheet of paper.  Light a candle and allow the wax to drip on it.  Then push the bottom of this piece into the warm wax creating a seal. The wish will be received by the buddha and granted in due time.  

The buddha is a pendant, but you will need to provide the chain or whatever you want to put him on.  Additionally, he can sit on a shelf.  
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