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Magical Wand Much?

Magical Wand Much?

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Magical Wand Much?

I really love this wand. While it’s not really a wand I’m calling it that because of how you cast out things. This has been tested so many times and used by Lady Gilligan. The entire piece is all real stone and the center stones are semiprecious gemstones. I’m not sure if the metal is sterling or not but honestly it doesn’t matter. It’s a great piece for many things.

For tuning the chakras! For healing on exact locations of the body. Just a side note, when using on different people I like to cleanse my things. Although with this one you technically don’t have to. The reason you don’t have to is because while using it when you touch the problematic area you toss the energy away. But, to be sanitary you should cleanse it. This not only does aches and pains which OMG, it’s great for but also sexual issues. I’m going to get right to it. For female sexual issues of which most, MOST stem from the mind you would use this all over the brain. For men if it is the same thing, use it the sane way. For men’s issues with dysfunction you would use it along the arteries and believe it or not, up and down the arms leading to the chest. For balance and harmony you would use it just above the head with never actually touching the body. For clearing blockages or giving abilities you would use it on the forehead. Hand issues like arthritis, use it on the hands where you have the issue. To cast a spell on yourself, speak it, say the exact way the spell should be said and crown yourself by placing the wand on your head with a light tap. Foot problems? Run it up and down the foot gently. Do you have pressure points that need to be released? Use this on them. Do you want to improve or cleanse your aura? Move it along the body. Does your pet have bone or other issues, use this all over their body. Want to create with it? Draw gently with it in sand, a heart for love, dollar sign for cash. You can throw luck. Spells and circles of protection as well. My one cat who has extremely long back claws had torn up under his chin by scratching. I used this on him and it was healed in two weeks and he doesn’t do it anymore. He loved it. No the item is not dirty and has no animal fur or dirt on it. My cat Oskie stays in the house and he’s over 18 years old and you would never know it. Yes, I did cleanse it. I also rid him of most of his cataracts. I know if I kept going they would be gone. This is a piece that should be in everyone’s home.

Please read this statement BEFORE BUYING.

If you have medical questions, investment questions, questions on abuse or relationships. Please seek a professional in the area you need help with. If you are disabled in anyway, physically or mentally we do not discriminate. Under the ADA it is illegal to discriminate and we follow that law. If you are mentally disabled we do not know this and nor will we ask. Again, seek the proper professional. All items are sold under FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! If you buy candles do NOT leave them unattended. If you buy rocks or stones, do NOT throw them at people, cars or animals. If you tell me you are being raped in your sleep by a member of my staff, please see above and seek professional help. I will then assume your are entertaining me and my staff! No one will respond to those statements, inquiries or fantasies. Thank you for your understanding!

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