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Manifestation of Michael the Warrior

Manifestation of Michael the Warrior

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This is our last piece from Friday night's radio show, which was done via YouTube.  If you remember correctly I gave my account of the last time I was using the Chronovisor.  I first traveled to a place in the 1940s.  I know it was in Germany, but other than that I have no idea where I was.  Not too long after that, I was transferred to the present to a place in Munich.  This place is called a blutmuseum, which is German for blood museums.  The blood museum holds what is called blutkunst, or blood.  

Blutkunst is made from the blood of Jewish people who were sacrificed during the Nazi tirade against them.  Everyone already knows that the Nazis were into some creepy metaphysical stuff.  Having said that it should come as no surprise that they would use the Jews' blood to further their magical experiments.  That's exactly what they did.  Since the Jews were given certain powers and magic through their blood because they are God's chosen people, the blood of the Jews allowed the Nazis to gain supernatural powers and abilities.  

The blutkunst was made the Jewish blood and preserved the magical powers and/or abilities that were associated with whichever bloodline they had come from.  I know it is barbaric.  I know that it isn't right, but it's what the Chronovisor chose to show me.  There are many exhibits of artwork on display in the blutmuseum in Munich.  Jews are not singled out anymore these days, but to gain the powers of the blood that has been made to create the blutkunst, the person desiring the power must make a blood sacrifice.  

This is a very expensive endeavor and sacrifices are sold for upward of a million dollars in separate quarters that is attached to the blutmueseum.  These are human sacrifices, of course.  Once they buy admittance to the blood museum and once they purchase their sacrifice, they will choose an exhibit and then acquire the power thereof.  It's not just religious magic that goes on in the bloodmuseums either.  Some of the powers are dark.  You have both ends of the spectrum with the Jews.  Some are truly god-fearing people, some couldn't care less.  It doesn't make them any less part of God's chosen people.  

Anyway, I left the museum with one piece.  I didn't do any sacrificing.  Instead, I swiped this piece.  Nobody could see me, anyway.  That's how the Chronovisor delivered me-- invisible to everyone there.  Thank God for that.  This piece holds magic from the bloodline of Issachar.  Issachar's bloodline holds many things, but among them are what are all known as the Manifestations Michael.  There are a handful of different manifestations of Michael, including Michael the Reverent, Michael the Wise, and Michael the Messenger.  However, this piece holds a manifestation of Michael the Warrior.  

This piece holds the warrior manifestation of the Archangel Michael.  This will give you all of the magic associated with this.  It will give you the ability to vanquish demons.  It will give you the ability to fight supernatural and metaphysical entities with the ferocity of Michael's own sword.  They will bow to you, there are no ifs, and, or buts about it.  You hold divine supremacy and you will have the last word.  This is the warrior power bestowed upon Michael when he was fighting Lucifer.  With this power, you can defeat any adversary.  You can overcome any obstacle.  You can vanquish anything evil or negative.  You will gain the virility of Michael the Warrior.  You will gain his courage.  You will gain his wisdom.  You will gain his access to Heaven.  You will gain access to his magic, which has been given to him by God.  This is all-encompassing access to Michael the Archangel in his warrior manifestation.  It's an extremely powerful, white light piece.
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