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Mayan Cave of Hands

Mayan Cave of Hands

SKU: 4202141

This piece is sterling silver with a beautiful stone and power to match!  

We have not offered a piece like this for some time.  This piece is very involved and has traveled thousands of miles to us.  Of course, we are the ones who created the piece while on an astral investigation to a place that we call the Cave of Hands.  We aren't sure what historians are calling the cave, nor do we care.  We also aren't sure why some people, mostly modern-era scientists,

 sometimes spout off at the mouth about things they know absolutely nothing about.  

This piece is about a divine class of people who lived in ancient times on the Yucatan Peninsula.  You will most likely not find the record of this particular class of people because the high priests of the temple mostly tried to keep their presence very hidden.  It was for their own good.  They were mere children and some people in the ancient Mayan culture knew blood alchemy rituals that would allow them to acquire the abilities and powers of a person if they ingested their blood.  I'm not saying that this didn't happen in the Mayan Civilization, but it didn't happen frequently.  

I'm talking about the divine children that were simply known as "They that know."  There was some crazy Mayan word that they were called, but the translation is what we have told you.  These children were hand-picked by the High Priests of various temples because they contained what was referred to as the mark of the gods.  This was not a physical mark, but a spiritual mark.  It was a mark that allowed the high priests to know that these children were the chosen messengers of the gods.  They were the ones chosen to deliver the powers and the arcana of the Mayan deities.  

It a ritual they were taken to subterranean depths to a cave that was situated beneath a sacred ceiba tree that was often referred to by the Mayans as a "life-giving tree."  The chose-- They That Know-- are taken by the high-priests during puberty to the cave.  This was a rite of passage into adulthood and even more importantly into a state of perpetual divinity.  They'd imprint their hand in black to signify death.  This is not the death of the body or the soul, but rather the death of mortality and humanity.  

When they imprinted their hand in black and laid it upon the cave wall, the magic of the ceiba tree, whose roots grew all the way down to the cave, yanked their souls from their body.  At this instant, the soul passed through the tree and into the universe, wherein just a few seconds their soul experience the passing of billions of years.  The knowledge of existence was embedded within.  The ability to know was embedded within.  The ability to create and to make were both embedded within.  This included the ability to create magic, but not like it is most commonly depicted.  

You see, most people are attempting to create magic that has already been made.  They want magic that they know exists.  These children-- They That Know-- relished the fact that they were able to create magic that nobody else had ever done before.  They created magic that was never before used.  They created original magic because they were given the raw knowledge to be able to do so.  They created by speaking.  Of course, they knew all the other stuff, too.  They were all-powerful and all-knowing.  

When their bodies were sent back-- after only seconds that had elapsed in our mortal realm-- they would then imprint their hand in red.  The color red was a symbol for two things-- life and war.  This was a contract that they signed that they in exchange for their own knowledge they would be the driving force behind the Mayan people.  They would take care of them at all costs.  When the Mayans finally disappeared it wasn't because of a drought or because of something else.  It was because They that Know created a new reality for them where they could flourish.  Of course, some of them got left behind-- as some of the Atlanteans did, or all of humanity did during Noah's flood.  

The bottom line is that the black was for the death of mortality and the red was for rebirth into something else entirely.  That's the power that has been placed into this piece.  When you wear this piece you will experience a rebirth into a state of divinity.  This is not a transformation, but it is quite an experience and a powerful one at that.  When using this piece you will experience liberation from your human body whereby you will gain the same ability spoken about above us.    You will be able to manifest the powers and the magic of the universe into reality, but as discussed earlier.  You will exist inside of your mortal body, but you will also exist as a divine entity capable of pursuing and creating whatever it is you want!
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