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Mayan Six Degrees of Metaphysical Separation

Mayan Six Degrees of Metaphysical Separation

SKU: 972116


This piece is a very colorful Sterling and glass pendant.

The ancient ruin of Chunyaxche can be found amidst a modern-day eco-park in Yucatan Peninsula. These days it is a secluded tourist attraction, but in ancient times it was something else entirely.

In those days it was known as a pyramid of enlightenment, with a tiny temple at the top. In this temple, only those who complete the elevation of what is called the six metaphysical degrees of separation were allowed to enter. To be honest, we don't know what they called the ritual, but that is what we call it.

The pyramid of enlightenment features five tiers and the temple that I previously mentioned. Together these represent the six steps of enlightenment that the Maya used-- also called the six paths-- to connect themselves with the cosmic universe.

This piece has been in the temple and contains the powers and energies of the six degrees of metaphysical separation. When you wear it, your body will slowly experience the six paths and your mind will be elevated to the universal level.

At the Universal Level, you will be able to open up your mind to see into the universe. This allows you to see destiny and also to change the course of it. It allows you to call upon any knowledge that you wish to be revealed to you. It allows you to know anything that you desire to know, this includes any kind of magic that is present in the universe.

This piece is what gave the Mayans their universal knowledge and the ability to construct the long and short count calendar, travel through time, become immortal and transcend into other realms of existence entirely.

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