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Mayan Time-Walking Wolves

Mayan Time-Walking Wolves

SKU: 5262114

This piece is sterling with a HUGE labradorite. 

This is a pretty amazing piece that was created by an entity that calls himself Indigo.  I'm not really sure how he got the name.  I only mention this because I know somebody will ask.  Indigo is part of a pack of time-traveling werewolves that have descended from Mayan lineage.  During the creation of the Mayan Long and Short count calendar, they somehow managed to steal time magic.  They opened up a portal and they were gone.  By the time they returned, the Mayan civilization was already history.  

The shapeshifting was magic that they received during a Mayan transformation ritual in a place called the Temple of the Dead.  It was called the Temple of the Dead not because it housed dead people, but because it houses transformation magic.  The old form became "dead" and the new form was born of universal magic.  There isn't much known about Indigo or its rogue band of werewolves.  All we know is that they left and now they are back.  

Evidently, Inigo and his crew are white light wolves that are trying to help human civilization avert some type of disaster.  That's why they left in the first place when the elders appeared to them and commanded them to follow.  Yeah, they stole the time magic, but it was for the betterment of human good, so can you really even hold it against them?  

Here's the thing.  They aren't just time travelers and werewolves anymore.  They have also become very powerful sorcerers, versed in many types of universal magic.  All of this power is what you are going to be getting when you receive this piece.  This piece is a spirit bridge  It links you to Indigo.  You will be able to take wolf form on the astral plane  You will be able to consult with Indigo for the creation of the magic that you desire.  He knows all sorts, so he will be able to create pretty much whatever you want.  this magic will be delivered to you via the bridge connection that has been developed between the two of you.  You can also psychically and telepathically communicate with Indigo at any time
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