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Memento Mori:  The Blood Alchemy That Cheated Death

Memento Mori: The Blood Alchemy That Cheated Death

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    This piece is almost like a tale of six degrees of separation.  In the world of the occult, it definitely pays to know somebody who knows somebody.  This is how the piece that we are offering you has come into existence.

    Allow me to first start off with one Serge Veronoff.  He was a turn of the 20th Century surgeon who, many times, was scoffed at by the more professional medical community.  His obsession with grafting money testicles was probably his downfall publicly.  However, the man lived a double life and his shadowy dealings are what led him to occult infamy, even if his findings weren't mainstream.  

    To really get an idea of how Serge was able to access this magic, you have to consider the following.  Serge was of Russian descent, but his family ended up in France.  Fate would have it that he would be wed to one Marguerite Barbe, an alchemist who supposedly died in a laboratory explosion.  She didn't die, she only fake her own death so she could go on about her immortal life without scrutiny.  

    Marguerite knew many people who were occultists and alchemists.  She ran in Underground circles such as the French Freemasons and later on the Order of the Golden Dawn.  She was always fascinated with life and death and how she could control them.  Her fascination led her to occult painter Julien Champagne who used her as a model in Vessel of the Great Work, a table of elements hidden within the Philosopher's stone of hermetic wisdom.  

    The gift that was given to her for being the subject of Julian's painting was simple.  Julian could paint knowledge into existence.  He didn't understand it and neither did anybody else.  It just kind of happened for him.  He'd paint something magical and whoever he painted into his art would somehow acquire the magic that he had painted around them.  Thus, Marguerite ended up internalizing the hermetic magic of the Philosopher's stone, which was perfect for her, because she was, after all, an alchemist.

    Sidebar-- Julian Champagne was also known as Fulcanelli.  Fulcanelli was a famed and immortal alchemist, himself.  He would later elude death by painting himself into a secret off-the-grid work of art where he killed the Angel of Death with metaphysical powers he had acquired from the Cosmos.  It's a pretty hellacious way of gaining immortality if I might opine.  

    Via her association with Fulcanelli, Barbe was able to attend the meetings of the occult circle that met in the parlors of the Lesseps family.  They met in Paris and included French elitists, as well as very well-known and revolutionary artists of the occult nature Andre Breton and Pablo Picasso.  Collectively, this group was known as the Temple Ahathoor or the Alpha et Omega.  
    Why is this so important?  Simply because the Alpha et Omega Society was a group whose parentage was held in the Golden Order of the Hermetic Dawn.  As in Aleister Crowley and Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers.  Fulcanelli had personal ties to Aleister Crowley and his deep-rooted magic from the Egyptian Pyramids.  When the Golden Order began to dissolve, the Alpha et Omega Society was one of the fragmented groups that regrouped and reformed.  

    Marguerite was on a joyride, essentially riding the coattails of Fulcanelli who had given her extensive alchemic knowledge simply by painting her.  It isn't well-documented but she became somewhat of his prize child and he showed her off often.  Again, I don't know if you'll find any historical accounts of what I'm telling you because this was all done in secret.  They were a secret society for a reason.  

    Now as far as the AEO Society, they would meet at the Lesseps' estate.  Marguerite was in because of Fulcanelli.  Remember that guy I mentioned to you way back in the beginning, the Russian-French guy who was obsessed with Monkey testicles?  He had an in because his wife had an in with the AEO Society.  Let me assure you that the meet-ups at the estate of the Lesseps things got weird.  

    Of course, they were using a multitude of magic.  It was not uncommon for the members of AEO to embrace such practices as blood rituals.  Blood was a necessary component to what they dubbed Mortal Alchemy.  Mortal Alchemy refers to the ability of a person to use the blood energy that flows through them to create things that they want.  

    There's no question that blood holds magic.  It's why blood rituals and sacrifices have been going on since the beginning of time.  It's why sanguine vampires crave blood.  Our universe thrives on Cosmic energy that pulsates through the universe just like our blood circulates our bodies with each beat of our heart.  Life is emitted into the blood from the Cosmic rays that enter our atmosphere.  The heart pumps these life-giving energies through our body via the blood.  

    Ergo, blood is the life source of all humanity.  It is also an energetic powerhouse and through magic, it can create whatever you want it to create.  This is why the Christ bloodline is so powerful because with that particular blood God has created divinity on Earth.  So, what happened here was that Margeurite, with the help of Fulcanelli, took this magic back to Aronoff.  

    The three got together and with their knowledge and magic formed a divine triad.  Through the powers of their divine triad, the knowledge of Mortal Alchemy, and the ancient magic that was bequeathed to them by Aleister Crowley, they were able to develop some serious, serious magic.  This is universal magic, but it is the type of universal magic that lives within your body, within your blood, and within your soul.  It is the simple principle of "as above, so below."  

    What was created by the triad was the power of Fulcanelli's name.  Fulcanelli was a play on two other, separate names.  The first of these was Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.  You will recognize this name in the word volcano.  The second god who made up Fulcanelli's name was a god known as "El." El is a Canaanite word for god.  Thus, his name literally means the Sacred Fire.  The Sacred Fire is the Divine Flame.  The Divine Flame is what feeds the Cosmos.  It is eternal.  

    When you use this piece you will experience the power of the Divine Flame.  I'll just go ahead and tell you now that this piece gives you immortality.  The alchemy of the Divine Flame will grant your soul and your body immortal life.  This is exactly what it sounds like, so I don't think that I have much explaining to do as far as that goes.  

    However, what you need to know is that this piece doesn't quit at immortality.  This piece allows you to metaphorize into a living deity.  Such as the divine used to live on Earth in days of old, so will you dwell on Earth in divine form.  This means you will have mastery over the divine flame.  

    It means that you will be able to use Mortal Alchemy to manifest power from your own blood.  This is the ability to source magic simply from your own existence.  It's the ability to control and travel through time.  It's the ability to summon any type of creature or entity.  It is the ability to speak magic into existence.  This divinity literally allows you to speak with the authority of the universe.  You are in control.  You are the creator.  

    This magic has obviously been adopted by a group of people who still meet to this day.  Although the majority of the Alpha et Omega society has disbanded, some still exist.  They have placed the power that was created by the original divine triad into this piece.  Since this piece is sterling in work marvelously as a conductor.  You will receive your metamorphosis.  It will begin to change you slowly.  Otherwise, there could be dire effects.  

    On the ring itself, you will notice the words "memento mori" which means, "remember that you have to die."  This has become a rallying cry of sorts for the AEO Society in creating and maintaining their immortality.  without their magic, they would surely have to answer to death.  This piece is incredibly powerful and along with all that it does, you will find that it also reveals secrets of the universe in subtle ways.  You'll completely understand what I mean when you begin using this piece.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Once this piece is gone, there will not be another.  

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