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Moon Phases

Moon Phases

SKU: 62923500


This costume jewelry ring shows the moon phases. You may wear it on your finger or on a chain. It is specifically designed for performing thought-casting spells that require the moon to be in a certain phase. For example, the "money, money come to me" spell is traditionally performed during the full moon. Normally, you would go outside at night and circle three times while saying "money, money come to me." However, with this ring, the physical and outdoor aspects of the ritual are eliminated. This ring can be used for spells that require any phase of the moon, not just money spells.

You may wonder why you would need something like this. First of all, while I do offer spell-casting items, it's always best if you perform the spells yourself. The reason behind this is intentions. You are always the best conduit for what you desire simply because of your own energy. However, if you hold negative or disbelieving energy, that's a different story. The second reason is that not everyone can go outside at night to a private place. By using this ring, you can still tap into the elevated energy associated with spell casting. It may not be as highly elevated as with more expensive items, as this ring is priced at only $38.00, but it still works. It may work slightly slower in terms of energy, but not in terms of the effectiveness of the spell itself.

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