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My Immortal Love-- Soul Binding

My Immortal Love-- Soul Binding

SKU: 5262135

This is a gorgeous Italian-made, heavy sterling silver piece.  It has been created with a very powerful love and destiny magic.  This magic comes from an ancient source of magic called the Ever Source.  This magic is usually only available to gods and goddesses but was placed into this piece by an immortal sorcerer who has been around since the Remus and Romulus days.  

This magic is soul fusion magic.  When

 you wear it you will adjust the heart while envisioning the person who you want to cast this magic upon in your mind.   You will adjust the heart, as it is fully adjustable while repeating the words, "My Immortal Love".  

This process will fuse your soul with the soul of whomever you chose when you were doing your ritual.  This means that even in death your souls will be connected, fused at their very existence.  They will never be separated  Not even by mortal death.
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