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Nahati, Eternal Vampiress Companion

Nahati, Eternal Vampiress Companion

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For those of you who like vampire items, this one is going to knock you to the floor.  As if this piece in sterling silver and genuine gemstone isn't gorgeous enough to make you want it, it also houses the presence of a very powerful vampiress.  

The vampiress is immortal and she spawned in ancient Babylon.  Her name is Nahati.  She was born among the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Some might question the power of the hanging gardens, but they shouldn't.  Instead, think in terms of the Garden of Eden or the Garden of Mahustra.  That is how powerful the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are.  

Amid the hanging gardens was a structure called the Temple of the Living.  In the Temple of the Living blood, sacrifices were given in order to bring eternal and immortal life to those who performed the rituals.  You can imagine the shock on the magicians' faces when the woman they were sacrificing came back to life with the immortality they were hoping for.  

She came back with a vengeance and a bloodlust.  She killed all those that had killed her.  She destroyed the Temple of the Living so that no more innocent women and children would suffer the fate that so many did at the hands of the bastard sorcerers who sacrificed them for eternal life.

When Nahati was killed, she traveled to Aaru in soul form, where she encountered the Egyptian Blood Goddess named Shesmu.  Shesmu was a violent, raging goddess who would dismember other deities and bathe in their blood.  Thus, she would absorb their powers.  Similarly, she gave Nahati the same ability, only Nahati had to drink the blood of others to acquire their power.  

Nahati started with the magicians that had killed her.  Then she exactly revenges on the classes and societies that they belonged to.  Then, she traveled the world drinking the blood of any powerful individual that she could find.  Some of them willingly let her drink from them.  Others she had to drain completely because they wouldn't comply.  

Either way, Nahati is a badass.  She is the kind of vampiress that you don't want to mess with.  The red stone in this piece has been created with a sample of her blood.  This means it created a blood bond between the two of you, so she will do what you say.  This isn't your typical master and entity relationship.  It's more of a bonding and companion type of relationship.  

Whether you are male or female Nahati will have your back.  She will watch out for you and guarantee that people know not to cross her.  Period.  She also holds the magic of ancient blood sorcery.  This along with the fact that she has pretty much drunk her way through the bloodlines of history makes her one of the most powerful vampiresses you will ever experience.  

Nahati can grant you any power you want, whether that's a sanguine power, a different type of vampire power, or not a vampire power at all.  she doesn't play games with her magic.  You will get what you ask for.
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