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Of Angels and Doves

Of Angels and Doves

SKU: 5262113


This piece is sterling, mother-of-pearl, and peridot.  This piece comes from a collection of pieces that was kept in Heaven.  I acquired this piece during one of my travels to the Mansions.  Inside the Mansions there are many magical items and many different types of powers.  I chose to bring this one back becuase while it is powerful, the magic that it holds is simple and refreshing.  

The dove is a vessel that carries a legion of throne angels that were designed by God to bring simple peace and harmonious balance in your life.  This is meant to bring calming energy to you, as well as tranquility.  It will help you overcome obstacles.  It will help you achieve success.  It will help you get what you want out of life.  Whatever harmony and balance mean to you, this piece will bring it to you.  This also means the piece will protect you and your domain from evil and darkness.  Your domain is your house, your family, and your pets.

Also, this piece brings prosperity.  This prosperity will come in the form of white light wealth manifestation.  This white light wealth will come in many different forms and they are all sanctioned by God and delivered by the Holy Ghost.  This will bring you white light riches, not only on Earth but also in Heaven for a triumphant return!
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