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One for a woman, one for a man.

One for a woman, one for a man.



I have two of these on hand. One for women and one for men.

These is a real gemstone of which I always forget the name! This is a protective gemstone. The bear is for the men and the butterfly is for the woman. There is a difference in them so make sure you order the right one. Bonie, you might like this one. I did get your email. For women this does protection from evil unseen things, creatures, spirits, curses and hexes. Although as I have said before these curses and hexes can only get you if the person casting them is stronger than you in IN THE MIND!!! This is not about skill of magic, trust me! Also for women this does changes in beauty and looks enhancing your beauty.

For men this does all the same protection but it doesn’t do beauty, it does strength and fortitude.

Please pick below which one you want, male or female.

These are 38.00 and are always in stock. The first people to buy them get exactly what you are looking at. If these two pieces are sold out you may get one without the butterfly or the bear or it may have something else hanging from it.

Please see more information on this item.

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