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Opening the Wealth of Fukurokuju 's Bloodline

Opening the Wealth of Fukurokuju 's Bloodline

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This is most likely something that is going to come as new to most of you.  It came new to us and we like to think that we are on top of things in the world of the paranormal and supernatural.  At long last, that's why we continue going on investigations, though.  We find out new things about life and existence, in general, all the time.  We can add this one to the list.  

Most of you have probably heard about a group of deities called the Seven Gods of Fortune.  They are also referred to as the Fukujinn.  In short, these are a group of seven deities that bestow powers, mostly related to good fortune, to the Japanese people.  They are manifested in artwork and netsuke in the Japanese culture.  

The piece that we are offering is one that we received from an immortal sorcerer who is called Shichiro, or Seventh Son.  He is by his very existence an anomaly.  He has been looked upon favorably by the gods, who have instilled in him magical powers for him to deliver to the world.  They call it the divine touch.  Examples of this can be found throughout the world from West to East.  

Shichiro gave us a piece that was more of a knowledge piece that was supposed to allow us to travel back in time to witness the installation of what he says is called the Seven Ancient Bloodlines.  The Seven Bloodlines were created by the Seven Gods of Fortune.  They were created when the Seven Gods of Fortune each created a male form embedded with their seed.  These humans, with their bloodlines, were then sent out into the world to procreate.  These bloodlines are called, as mentioned before, the Seven Ancient Bloodlines, or sometimes the Seven Lucky Bloodlines.  

These actions took place in ancient times.  The birth of Shichiro came seven generations later.  He was the Seventh child of the Seventh generation who holds the bloodline of the Fukujin known as Fukurokuju.  We call him Fuku because that is a lot to type over and over again.  Fuku is the ancient god of wisdom, luck, longevity, wealth, and happiness.  He grants those things to his devotees and those that offer prayers to him.  

The piece that Shichiro gave us allowed me to travel to a realm where there were seven jade pillars.  On each of the pillars were carved the seven names of the seven Fukujinn.  From each jade, the pillar was a stream and these were the seven streams of life that represented the seven lucky bloodlines.  As I leaned over I drank from the stream of Fuku.  As I did, I could feel the awakening of his bloodline flow through his blood.  As it happened I could see my "lucky stars" align, opening a portal of extreme wealth upon my very existence.  

I was given this piece.  This piece is antique and other than the fact that Fukurokuju appeared to me clothed in a green robe with a long grey beard to give me this piece, I have no idea where it has come from or where it has been.  I know that it holds the divine powers of Fukurokuju and Immortal Wealth.  This is the extreme wealth of the universe.  This piece allows you to create an elixir that will deliver the bloodline of Fuku, which is also the bloodline of Shichiro.  This bloodline holds the power of Extreme Universal Wealth, which is what you are getting with this piece.  Naturally, you will also gain the other powers associated with Fuku, but the main power associated with this particular piece is unlimited wealth potential.  

The wealth in this piece will come in all forms but will come in just the forms that you want it to.  You will speak to the piece in telepathic terms to guide the wealth, so you receive the wealth that you desire to receive.  It will allow you to receive any kind of wealth that has ever existed.  This power comes from the cosmos, which holds the full knowledge and essence of wealth, which is what you are receiving.  Again, there is a ritual for this bottle and this will be given to the person who purchases it.
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