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Pick your # 8

Pick your # 8

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Pick your number, pick your dragon.

1.Fire Dragon - breathes flames, controls flames, and was made of fire. Highly protective

2.Water Dragon - controls water and storms,can breathe water and heal with water. Can orchestrate emotions in others

3.Earth Dragon - manipulates the ground, rocks, and minerals, associated with nature. Creates wealth and abundance

4.Air Dragon - flies very fast, creates strong gusts of wind, can become invisible or manipulate air currents. Can pass on abilities

5.Ice Dragon - creates blizzards, frost, and snow, has sharp, icy breath, resistant to cold. Can fight to protect by freezing blood for short time periods

6.Shadow Dragon - creates illusions, controls shadows, moves unseen in the darkness, associated with evil but fights demonic influences and demonic presence

7.Lightning Dragon - associated with lightning and thunder, breath may be like a bolt of lightning, able to create storms or control electricity

8.Celestial Dragon - holy being, associated with the heavens or the sun, does have healing powers and be able to grant wishes

9.Poison Dragon - produces deadly toxins and poisons, may have immunity to certain poisons or toxins

10.Time Dragon - manipulates time itself, slows it down, speeds it up, or even travels through time

11.Metal Dragon - associated with metal, able to breathe metal, manipulate metal objects or have heightened senses for detecting metals and other objects

12.Light Dragon - radiates positive energy, associated with light, has abilities to blind or heal with their light

13.Ghost Dragon - ethereal being, passes through solid objects or possesses other creatures, associated with death or the afterlife

14.Forest Dragon - connected with trees, communicates with the flora and fauna of the forest, can control plant growth and summon animals

15.Gravity Dragon - controls gravity, manipulates objects with their mind or alters the laws of physics, may fly without wings. Can pass on certain powers like mind manipulation

16.Void Dragon - dwell in the voids between worlds, does have access to other realms or dimensions, mysterious and powerful beings

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