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Powerful Asian Creatrix

Powerful Asian Creatrix

SKU: 5112117

This piece is an Asian antique bracelet. 

People of Asian descent take their magic very seriously.  That's why I'm telling you that this piece is very powerful.  IT was created by a sorority of Chinese high priestesses who have been given immortal beauty in exchange for their servitude to the Nu Kua, who is a Chinese Creatrix Goddess.  She is the creator and the origin of many things, including the magic of the ancient orient.  

This piece is a slip-on bracelet.  You can use it in one of two ways.  Either you can wear the piece and then write something down.  Or, you can use a pencil to trace the inside circumference of the bracelet.  You will then write inside of the circle.  Either way, the results will be the same.  Nu Kua, being the Creatrix that she is, will channel her inner energy and the energy of the universe to create whatever it is you want to be created.  

Now, I know that might seem a bit open-ended, but that's because it truly is.  This piece can create magic if you want it.  It can create something for your life such as protection, love, or wealth.  It can create an outcome for you, such as winning a court case or passing a class.  I mean, I could go on but I think you got the picture.  This piece is not only easy to use, but it is very powerful and very magical.
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