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Primordial Changeling

Primordial Changeling

SKU: 7262122


This is a really easy piece to use and to understand.  Before God created the world into what it is now, there was nothing but water.  Out of the water came life, but there was also living in the water.  These primordial lifeforms-- we call them changelings-- were highly adaptive and could become any living lifeform that they wanted to become or that they were instructed to become.  We have a hunch that this is how God was able to create all the living creatures in the sea and on the Earth in just two days.

Anyway, this piece holds one of the changelings.  Here’s the thing, this changeling is only in spirit form and can only exist in spirit form.  Having said that, you are in command and you can tell your changeling to take whatever form you want it to take.  Think long and hard about what you want your changeling to become because once it has transformed into what you have instructed it to transform into there is no going back.  

Djinn, vampire, werewolf, lucid walker, traveler, warlock, witch, angel, nephilim, griffin, or any other type of lifeform that you want your piece to take will be accommodated.  It will not change into a demon, as we have banned that.  The closest thing you will get to a demon is an incubus and he is mostly used for sex purposes.    

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