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Rage and Healing. It’s a rough world!

Rage and Healing. It’s a rough world!

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I just got a call from Lindy telling me how screwed we are all about to be. It’s called real ID and yes I knew about it and that you need everything but the kitchen sink to get it. You have one year to get this. If you don’t you can’t even cross state lines. I wonder whatever happened to real freedom? Seriously! Now combine that with all the illegals coming over that don’t need any ID and tell me how is that fair? If you live here you pay taxes, you support yourself and this country. Now compare that to the illegals, no taxes, don’t have to support themselves and don’t have to prove who they are. Free credit cards, healthcare and rent on top of being in 4 star hotels. Let us not forget they get a free ticket to wherever they want to go. Also how many of you shop discount stores or Walmart? I don’t see them in Walmart attire. Maybe my eyes don’t see it maybe I MUST have misunderstood something, but I didn’t! My father had to fight for his medical as a veteran so you best believe how pissed off I am right now! But let me add this on so I can go get my real ID while others just show up and we must take them at their word! I feel like identifying as a tiger and spraying them with pee! I mean I can identify as any damn thing I want, right? Maybe I could identify as Biden and just do whatever the hell I want to? Make room for me at the White House buddy!

Anyway this piece is an antique in a size 8. This is heavy and detailed sterling. This helps you keep your rage, anger, addictions at bay and does extreme healing. This has been tested by others and today by me! Did you guys notice I found my ring sizer? Yes I did! Somewhere deep within the jungles of my office I saw a glimmer of hope. At first I thought it was a strange snake but it was my sizer! Yes!!!! So, about this ring. It feels good! It’s smooth but let me tell you about this one lady tester. My friend Maria has a shit storm of a mother in law! I mean this woman would win monster of the year! I’m seriously surprised she’s still not breast feeding her 36 year old son! He isn’t bad at all and he tries to tell her that she can’t say such evil things but she doesn’t listen. Here is the latest example before she used the ring. A family vacation was planned where they all had to put in their own money. So they all did. The mother in law was to get all the tickets and hotel arrangements because she insisted on it! Well the day comes to leave and everyone shows up at the airport but guess what? Maria has no ticket! The monster in law says to her that it was just family going! So okay, she is family number one but number two why did you take her money? After that the ring was used. It lowered Maria’s stress, took away the rage and her monster in law had multiple similar things happen to her all in 30 days! She took the hint. I used it today, just a short while ago after Lindy called me. The other tester before Maria was one of my family members who has road rage with stupid people! You know the kind that pull out in front of you or pass you and then hit the brakes and crawl. This family member loses his mind when crap like that happens! One day we were talking and I was mad at crazy glue because I had stuck my hand to my butt! Of course the only way to get it off is to either go to the hospital and look the freak! Or soak it off with acetone. Now imagine that getting in your lady parts and bits! So I’m howling like a wolf but I’m free at last! So this family member and I were talking about anger management and I said I think it’s where you have to count to ten or something. Then without another word be busted out laughing because we know that’s not going to cut it! This ring however does! What I like about it is it just doesn’t do anger and rage but it does healing and relives stress! Stress can lead to heart attacks and a piece that does true healing is amazing! This is that piece!

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