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Your field of communication and then some.

You are looking at a very rare and REAL not fake Moldavite. This didn’t come from China who works very hard to create fakes. This comes from my personal collection.

I’m going to go through all that Moldavite when it’s real, can do for you.

This Moldavite comes from the Czech Republic and is unusual simply because of its size. This comes unpolished and set in Sterling Silver a size 9. Moldavite encourages communication with Aliens and those from other dimensions with higher soul vibrations. Real Moldavite like this one is also used to heal and develop the Chakras. Here is the very impressive list of what this stone does. First because of it’s vibration it will connect you with the ascended Masters, that and the fact it came from space. With that you have the domino effect of opening your third eye, more like cracking it like a nutcracker! You can and should use this to clear blockages and emotional baggage that prevents you from connecting with anything. This will do the job! You can also connect and bring forth the memories of past lives easily! Healing is easy with the Moldavite and covers a ton of issues. This does bring wealth and a lot of it, not just in short flows but like a running river. This will also clear the aura, bring in love relationships or help those in serious need. This will balance all chakra’s and align those that need it. Here is a big one, transcending time, time reversal and age reversal. What I believe is that because of a few of the qualities and abilities it would seem that they are because it’s a true alien stone.

Why is it expensive and is it rare to have in a ring?

Yes, it is rare to have a real Moldavite in a ring because they can break or split. That is why this ring is made the way it is. It is secure and surrounded by sterling and quite a heavy one at that. This Moldavite is also unpolished in keeping with it’s natural ability and it’s travel through space.

Why is it expensive? Moldavite landed on Earth 15 million years ago and there will never be anymore. Some even say it was thrown from the Heavens, the first Heaven to be exact which means the highest degree of glory. The three degrees of Glory are the terrestrial, telestial and the celestial. I believe that terrestrial in our plane is extraterrestrial and those extra are the angelic Masters! This is why it works so well.

My own experiences with the ring have been nothing short of phenomenal. I met Gabriel. Now thinking about this, he is technically alien to Earth with Heaven being his home. I ascended to a much higher level of calm and birthed new abilities. Just holding this ring last night I saw a cobalt blue yet almost see through triangle that hovered in the corner of the room. At first I thought it might be a car outside but considering it was 3 am there was no car, plus I looked. I put the ring down and began to do some EBay listings I was setting the time for so they would go on by themselves. In about another 3 to 5 minutes it was there again, slightly vibrating and then three points met, flattened out to a single line and was gone. Later on, much later around 5 am I was thinking of eating some Easter ham. I picked up the ring to bag it and when I looked up I saw the tallest being ever, this being held a sword and touched my head with it. Now I can really see things I couldn’t before! Previous to those experiences last night I had many more in the years I had this. I just feel it’s so good it’s time to pass it on because I really do have so much. I don’t pass this on because it doesn’t work but because it does. The benefits of this ring are so vast and yet so seriously supernatural it’s not a piece to pass by. It’s also the only one I have and it’s a big size rock too. This size would run about 1,800 and something. I have already looked them up. The stuff you find on EBay 99 percebt of it is not real! Trust me on that. Look into the fake versus the real and you will see what I mean!

Please read this statement BEFORE BUYING.

If you have medical questions, investment questions, questions on abuse or relationships. Please seek a professional in the area you need help with. If you are disabled in anyway, physically or mentally we do not discriminate. Under the ADA it is illegal to discriminate and we follow that law. If you are mentally disabled we do not know this and nor will we ask. Again, seek the proper professional. All items are sold under FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! If you buy candles do NOT leave them unattended. If you buy rocks or stones, do NOT throw them at people, cars or animals. If you tell me you are being raped in your sleep by a member of my staff, please see above and seek professional help. I will then assume your are entertaining me and my staff! No one will respond to those statements, inquiries or fantasies. Thank you for your understanding!

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