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Rejoining the Divine

Rejoining the Divine

SKU: 5112102

This piece is sterling silver with beautiful, genuine stones. 

We all know the story.  It is a tale as old as time... literally.  Moses gives the Israelites the commandments of God and they agree.  He is sent up the mountain to retrieve a set of stone tablets upon which God had written with the Divine Finger.  Moses receives these tablets, returns to the base of the mountain.  When he gets there he sees the Israelites worshipping a golden calf.  Sometimes people just don't get it, you know?  Moses gets so mad that he smashes the tablets-- the very same ones that have been written on by the finger of God.  

Later on, Moses would chisel out a section of stone the Ten Commandments would enlisted and indoctrinated into our minds forever.  The question is though-- what was written on the stone tablets?  What had the Divine Finger written for humanity?  It is referred to in the Bible as the Teaching and the Commandment.  This is not the same as the Decalogue that was chiseled by Moses into his own set of tablets.  What was written on the original stone tablets, though?  Guess we will never truly know for certain.  Or will we?

This piece has been created with a mere chip of the original stone tablet.  It's just a chip!  However, there is so much power in that small stone chip because it was written by the divine finger, the finger of God.  The chip was found by a group of Jews who have forged a secret society around keeping the chip safe.  The reason why is that the chip stone contains not just what has been written on the fragment, but what was written on the entire tablet by the Divine Finger.  It has been referred to as the commandment or the teaching, but I can assure you that it is not a teaching of conventional wisdom, nor is it the ten commandments.  

Rather, the teaching that was handed to Moses by God was a pre-emptive gift to humanity from God.  It was a historic reunion between humanity and the divine.  What was written on the stone tablets was the formula for which the human mind could be returned to the presence of the divine as Adam and Eve been connected to the divine in the days that they were in the Garden of Eden.  This is the teaching that was given to Moses.  Of course, when Moses comes down the mountain after being given this gift of good faith he sees these people worshipping a golden calf.  

Way to go humans!  Screw it up for yourself again.  However, fragments of this tablet have been recovered and they offer the full kit and kaboodle of the secret that was handed from God to Moses.  It is the secret that will allow the mind of whoever is wearing this piece to rejoin God's Consciousness.  Once you rejoin God-consciousness, you will be able to exist on Earth as God exists in Heaven.  He will live within you and his presence will manifest through you.  With this rejoining, you will receive 72 Names of God, which are 72 Secret, ancient, and divine forms of knowledge.  These are the archaic forms of magic that God created before he created the universe.  

You will be able to see the universe through the eyes of God.   You will be able to hold it in your palm and to see the universe from the seat of God.  You will share in his knowledge and you will share in his consciousness of what is going on in the universe at all times.  You will be omnipresent.  You will be able to access the divine akasha at any time you want, which is the history of the universe, which God has also recorded in the stars and the constellations.  This will allow you to dig and summon forth any form of magic or power that you want because you literally have access to it all!
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