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Resurrection of  a Vodun Queen

Resurrection of a Vodun Queen

SKU: 8242108


There isn’t much to say about this piece. It has belonged to many powerful people through the years. In fact, it is the piece that has made many powerful people throughout the years. These are people that you’ve likely not heard of because they only exist in the underground occult scene and not too many people are into that. However, if you want something a little more contemporary, this piece has been rumored to belong to Marilyn Manson. While he may be wealthy, he used this piece more for developing his own magic.

It was also rumored to belong to one of the Kardashian clan. We don’t know which one, but we assume that the powers this piece brought to them has something to do with the fact that Kim went from being Paris Hilton’s shadow to hogging up the limelight. She and her brood of attention-seeking siblings (and parents) are now worth an astounding $2.14B.

The short version is that this piece resurrects the Vodun Queen. At first glance, you might think that we are talking about Marie Laveau. That would be a good guess and she is plenty powerful enough, but this piece goes even further. It takes it back to the source of all the magic. It resurrects a goddess who is known as Ezili Dantor. She is a supreme goddess of knowledge and magical insight.

Erzili is renowned for her ability to create profound and powerful magic out of the energies of the universe. She is summoned by the very rich and famous, because she is excellent at getting them what they desire most-- fame and fortune, along with powerful magic such as the ability to control others minds, the ability to materialize destiny, the ability to create wealth, the ability to create love, the ability to harvest knowledge from the universe, and the ability cast any voodoo spell that you can think of in your mind. If you can think of it,

In order for this piece to work, the spirit of Ezili Dantor is going to be resurrected into you. You will feel her presence, but she will not overtake your body. You'll think of the magic that you would like done in your mind. Since Ezili Dantor shares your mind, she will automatically know what you want and will create it for you.

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