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Roses and Miracles

Roses and Miracles

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Last week the Virgin Mary appeared to a small group of people at a remote location in France.  She prophesied of the things to come during End Times.  This message was meant to be delivered to the masses to somewhat prepare them, to let them know that we have officially entered those times when things are going to start happening  Her prophesy was to help explain those things to the masse so they would sure to be ready.  

Unfortunately, representatives from the Catholic church made it to the reception site as Mary was app appearing.  They took the residual energies of this prophecy and set them into this piece.  Then, they made sure the rest of the people at the apparition didn't remember anything that day.  They put the energies into this piece and then sent it off to an in-house operation called the Order of the Virgin Rose.  This order exists for the sole purpose of examining Marian miracles.  

While we are on the topic of miracles, allow me to just say that this is what this piece will grant you.  Well, first of all, it will allow you to acquire a direct psychic connection to Mary, who will appear to you in spirit form to give you the proper message that was supposed to be revealed to the masses and never was.  This has everything to do with the timeline for the End of Times.  Dont email us later and say that she wouldn't reveal the day and time.  She isn't here to do that.  Prophecy dictates that no human should know the date or time and that prophecy shall remain.  

Instead, this piece will show you signs of the times so that way when these things come to pass you will be able to know that the times are getting close.  I mean, they are close now, but this piece will allow you to have a more definitieve idea of what's going on, why, and how much longer you might have.  

You will notice that this piece is also made up of 10 stones that trace that are positioned around the rose, which is Mary.  These stones are miracles that Mother Mary will grant you when using this piece.  You will simply hold each stone between your thumb and your index finger and ask for the miracle.  It will be granted to you in due time.   After you have used up all your miracles, this piece can be used for holy and prophetic revelation, as well as for protection from all evil things.
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