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Royal and Extreme Wealth from the House of Bourbon

Royal and Extreme Wealth from the House of Bourbon

SKU: 7262131


There isn’t a whole lot to write about this piece, except for the fact that it is an heirloom piece.  We could be charging way more for this than what we are charging, but we understand that everyone needs a hand up sometimes, so we are basically selling it for what we got it for.  We have had this piece for a while it provides generational-type wealth.  We offer wealth pieces all the time that will help people get out of debt, purchase a home, purchase a car, travel the world, etc.  Comparatively speaking, this piece is way out of that league. This is not the type of piece that is going to win you money at the casino or get you a raise at your current job.  This is the type of wealth that is going to come into your life and allow you to retire early.  This is the type of wealth that will allow you to live free of financial worries for the rest of your life.  

You might be wondering where the piece originates, so allow me to explain.  This piece has been in the French royal family for some time and comes to you from the house of Bourbon.  It was discovered on an investigation.  It was not an investigation that we went on, becuase we are glad that whoever did the investigation did it, because this piece has astounding results in wealth-granting.  For instance, one person that we gave this piece to for testing now owns a chain of national restaurants that he bought within months of owning this piece.  Now, we were of french origins n were able to effortlessly bond with the pice. 

The labradorite in this piece comes from a secret stash of highly empowered jewels that were recovered from a castle in France.  The sterling bracelet is a bit new.  Either way, this piece brings you wealth beyond measure.  Generations after you are gone.  

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