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Salome's Dance of the 50 Fortunes

Salome's Dance of the 50 Fortunes

SKU: 4202102

This pin is sterling silver. 

If you remember from the Bible, or even from some of the pieces that we have offered over the years, there was once a girl named Salome who danced the Dance of Seven Veils for King Herod and his court.  This revealed great magic to the men and in return for the magic she gave them, Salome called for the head of John the Baptist on a plate.  She got it.  

The Dance of Seven Veils is completely irrelevant to what we are offering other than the fact that the piece that we are offering holds magic that also comes from a dance that was done by Salome.  This time he dance is called the Dance of 50 Fortunes.  It is a dance much like the one that she did for Herod, except instead of seen veils dropping to reveal seven forms of magic, this dance is done for one reason and one reason alone-- to grant wealth.  

This wealth is deep-rooted in its power, as the ritual comes from the arcane knowledge of the universe.  This is knowledge that exists just because it exists in the universe.  It didn't have to be created.  It is artificial.  This is straight-up magic that is summoned by the Dance of 50 Fortunes from the universe to the person who is lucky enough to be able to view her dance and end up becoming wildly rich and wealthy.  They become successful in all that they do.  Their finances never suffer.  Did I mention rich and wealth?  Okay, I thought so.  

This piece holds the energy of the Dance of 50 Fortunes.  With it you will receive extreme wealth.  This wealth will come at you from all fronts and will surround you in wealth and money.
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