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Seven Crowns of the Beast

Seven Crowns of the Beast

SKU: 12621101
12-6-21If you want something that is crazy, out-of-this-world powerful, then you've come to the right place.  This piece is unbelievably powerful.  The piece has a dark and storied past, but like many people who have once lived dark, shadowy lives, this piece has been transformed to only contain pure white light.  It has been done so using pure white light that we were able to collect using the Jesus Ring piece.  We still have one of those available if you are interested.  However, this piece is way more powerful than one.  We just needed to use the Jesus Ring to someone with enough white light to transform the piece from what it once was into what it is now.  It was a white light alchemy transformation that salvaged the piece altogether.  Otherwise, we certainly wouldn't have offered it on our website.  We have told you before that the way Satan operates is that he tries to duplicate everything that God does.  This is best exemplified in his attempt to take over the world.  The same way there is a holy spirit and the messiah, The Dark Lord, as he has called himself since his fall, has two other manifestations of himself.  They are the false prophet and the Antichrist.  To understand what these entities will contribute to the future you have to delve into the Book of Revelation to understand.  Since it is pertinent to the piece that we are offering, I'm going to go ahead and do that.  In the Book of Revelation John has a nightmarish vision of two beasts and "the Dragon".  The dragon denotes Satan himself.  The two beasts either refer to a coalition of nations that are apostate and oppose God or the ruler that will rule this Kingdom of the beast.  It says in the book of Revelation that John sees the first beast rise out of the water with ten horns and seven heads and a crown on each horn.  This beast is given power by the dragon.For our piece, we will be focusing on the beast portraying a Kingdom.  It is an apostate beast that has been given authority by Satan to rule the world.  This nation, which will encompass much of the known world, if not all of it, will have ten horns.  One of these horns is described as a "little horn" in Revelation.  This coincides with Daniel's vision of the little horn and in that instance, the little horn is called the Antichrist.  From this "beast", an assemblage of nations comes the ten horns.  These ten horns represent something that we are not entirely sure of yet.  It could be ten rulers.  It could be ten demons that are sent to Earth to rule in place of Satan.  All we know is that the little represents the Antichrist that will rise to power.  It is written that one of the heads of the beast will be killed, but then will come back to life.  The people of Earth will be astounded by his power.  They will exalt him and worship him as if he, himself was God.  He will create miracles and perform magic.  They will turn from God and will take the Mark of the Beast.  They will be coerced by the Falso Prophet, who will be the right-hand man of the Antichrist.  That leaves one thing unsolved-- the presence of the seven crows are upon each of the seven horns.  In the past, people have tried to describe the seven crows as belonging to seven nations or seven rulers who will exist in the End Times as part of the Kingdom of the Beast.  Many people have done a wonderful job at attempting to explain the presence of seven crowns.  However, if there has been any truth in any of these explanations-- and I'm not saying that there hasn't been--they are missing one major aspect of what these seven crowns represent.  Time and time again, in the Bible, a crown represents a gift that is given once eternal life is given.  Whether this is the glory of God, eternal life itself, or some other form of Heavenly glory, this is what is meant by the receiving of a crown.As I have already told you, the Devil tries to do everything in opposition to what God has already accomplished.  He knows what God's plans are before they happen from the time when he was God's most powerful angel.  Then the seven crowns of the beast that are worn upon his seven horns are seven powers that the beast will give to the Antichrist once he establishes his reign on Earth.  After he comes up out of the water (water symbolizes nations) to come to power, these are the gifts that will be bestowed upon him by the dragon.  They will allow him to create miracles and persuade people to take the mark of the beast.  Now, if you remember when we were working with the Chronovisor, Deedee revealed that she had a run-in with the Antichrist.  She could see everything about him except for his face.  If you can't remember what I am talking about, you can take a second to go back and watch those videos on the HauntedCuriosities Youtube.  They are both interesting and informative.  The fact that she has seen him means that he is already on Earth, having been ushered in by the False Prophet.  The False Prophet is none other than the Jesuits, who have assumed responsibility for the Catholic Church, which becomes more apostate by the day.  If you are a Catholic this doesn't mean you have to abandon your faith.  It means, treads lightly and make sure you live by the Bible and what Jesus has taught, not what man teaches.  The whole point behind the Fale Prophet's grab for power is to lead as many people astray as possible.  They wish to seek souls for Satan.  In the hands of the Jesuits, hidden among the secret confines of the Catholic Church, this ring was found.  The ring is solid sterling silver,  If you look at the ring you will see two beasts.  The first one is more pronounced and then if you flip the ring over you will see the second one.  These beasts are the AntiChrist and his nation, both present and spoken about in extensive hyperbole in the book of Revelation.  Remember I said the beast can either refer to the AntiChrist himself or his kingdom?  That's why there are two beasts on these rings.  This ring has been created from sterling silver that comes from the Dark Lord's diadem.  This is usually about the point in the description where somebody geeks out and says something like, "What?  YOu're offering Devil powers!  You're trying to turn us evil!"  Not true at all.  We are very serious about making sure everyone we know gets to Heaven.  The fact of the matter is that Satan when he was Lucifer, was gift his diadem from God.  It was a crown.  See how that gifting thing works?  So, the crown was sourced in white light.  It has come from white and so it returns to white light.  I told you at the beginning of this description we used the Jesus Ring piece to blast this piece with white light to transform its powers from Dark to Light.  I also told you that Satan mimics everything God does.  He doesn't know how to be on his own, because he isn't God.  He does what he has been shown to do by God.  He just does it in a way that is despicable and apostate.  He's not a winner.  Anyway, the ring was created for the Antichrist to deliver the gifts that Satan intended to grant him.  However, it was taken from the secret confines of the Catholic Church and has been circulating underground secret societies since.  This piece has belonged to many societies, some of which you might recognize.  It has spent time with the Seven Society, the Bohemian Grove, the Sons of Adam, and others.  I'm not going to tell you where we got the piece, but I will tell you it was from a secret society that you probably have not heard of.    This piece grants the powers of what we are calling the Seven Crowns of Satan.  It is not a dark piece.  It houses seven powers that were given to Satan by God before he fell to the pits of Hell.  These are seven powers that have been filtered through white light and purified to offer you the highest grade of white light magic we could find.  The abilities that you will receive when using this piece are as follows.  

    1.)  Revelation of the Eye of Providence-- being able to see through the Eye of God to acquire his knowledge of the universe.  

    2.)  Subliminal Retrieval of Prophecy-- Divine prophecy will be received directly from God.  You will be tied to Him as a child is tied to there with an umbilical cord.  

    3.)  Astral Perfection-- this gives you spiritual healing that will allow you to leave your body and travel on the astral realm in the perfect form.  This allows you to ascend and transcend to and from whatever realm you desire to visit, regardless of location on the space-time continuum, which doesn't exist outside of human comprehension.  

    4.)  Manipulation of white light energy--  This is done for the ability to create your own, personalized white light abilities.  

    5.)  Divine Manifestation--  This is done to manifest the things that you want.  It has been used by God to create aspects and parts of reality, in conjunction with the authority of his Enochian language.  This power will help you materialize your existence and whatever you want in it.

    6.)  Divina Auctoritas-- this is the divine authority over all entities and includes the ability to summon forth any kind of entity at all for any reason.  If it exists, you will receive authority over it.  The only way this authority will not be enacted is if it is counterproductive to God's divine plan because he holds supreme authority... even over this power.  

    7.)  Ascendant Immortality-- this allows you to age on Earth as the Biblical patriarchs did.  You will live as long as you desire.  Then, when you are ready you will be taken up into Heaven in a chariot.  You're lucky this was reformed to white light.  The dark version of this power isn't very pleasant.  


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