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Society of Dilettanti, A Must Read!

Society of Dilettanti, A Must Read!

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Society of Dilettanti

Many of you have heard of the Hellfire club. That club was a serious disgrace to God. This club, The Society of Dilettanti was before that. This club also created by Dashwood at the age of 16,17, I’m unsure of his age at the time. I could be very off on his age so don’t take that as fact. What I do know is he came into his own at age 15, full power and wealth along with his beliefs. Many people belonged to the Society of Dilettanti including the well known Benjamin Franklin. Other original members would include the top society of the time and those who had great plans for the United States. Here we move to the original 13 colonies and original 13 is KEY here. In the Hellfire club which came after the the Society of Dilettani , which still exists and is kept secret. The Hellfire Club held rituals and sacrifices. Real murders done in the name of Venus, Bacchus and Satan. This was to gain favor, wealth and most importantly the start of the TURNING of the original 13 colonies. Now, getting back to those 13 colonies. The rituals of sacrifice, murder and sex orgies but more so rape in many cases were all carried out by only 12 members. The women were made to dress in nuns clothing, the men as monks or sometimes Saints. Dashwood himself dressed as a priest and commanded the entire ritual. Now, notice the number 12. The number 12 has a very significant meaning. 12 was Jesus’s pick of 12 apostles. 12 represented the 12 tribes of Israel. There are also 12 pairs of ribs in the HUMAN body. In the book of Revelation there are 12 gates, each is a different path to Heaven. There are also 12 entrances to the underworld. Look up Revelation 21:12 this speaks of your 12 gates to Heaven. In astrology 12 is the number of the signs, the number of the months and all tell a complete story which is the beginning of time to the end of time. In Numerology 12 is for change, transformation and not as well known but immortality. Remember, Jesus picked 12 and he is immortal. Moving on…Gods Holy number is 777 which is 7+7+7 which equals 21. Reverse that and you have 12, add 2 and 1 and you have 3 which is the Holy Trinity. James verse 12 has a very serious meaning. It’s about people who suffer well though tough issues and situations are given a special blessing. That blessing is different than the one given by reading Revelation. I could go on and on about the number 12 including how it relates to space, the moon, angels, etc but there is no need, you get the picture. Okay, I must tell you just two more! 12 is also a perfect number going by mathematicians BUT it also is a symbol of Gods power and the completeness of Israel! And again, I could keep going. Now if 12 is such a great number like I say it is and Dashwood was doing horrendous things all using the number 12, why would that be? He along with his 12 members at that time were using it to Mock God! Now back to those 13 colonies. So Ben Franklin having taken part in the rituals, and yes he did! Now the 13 meant in the case of the colonies as a legit first start to the United States. But, 13 is not twelve and it couldn’t be mocked. It had to be real, a real number of what is considered not good or in that case evil and off from perfection. Bottom line to start the United States was to do it not under God but under Satan. Now in order to do that money and a most high magic was needed. That’s what we are about to get into. But you will find this all turns around. Let’s start with the ring and it’s symbol of immortality the skull and cross bones, meaning we shall not turn to dust, we have one extra rib. The second symbol which looks like a mouth open is a little like the mouth of madness but much more heavy and powerful. Then you see the man’s side profile with two stars over his head, one to the left and one to the right. The mouth like madness breathes into the atmosphere what the wearer of the ring calls upon. The two stars are for wholeness, left path and right path. The part of the head that looks like something crawling into it is for allowing in which path you want. This is the most powerful breath of life. Life being as you decide it to be. This ring is sterling silver and we did have it marked. It is sterling. It is old and it is whatever you need it to be. Kinda like starting a colony of maybe 12 instead of 13.

What this does. It is whatever you need it to be to you. The previous owner went by the name Wycombe. This is the magic called up from both the depths and the highest of highs. You decide as a person with free will how YOU want to use it. You have the power or at least you do now. This ring can be all white light or the total annihilation of it. At this time in our coming full circle that choice is yours to make. I know I would pick the light and already have. This is an extremely rare piece and the proper people of either side will recognize that. Let the best side win.

AMEN, let the games begin, as if they haven’t already…

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