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Soul of Solomon

Soul of Solomon

SKU: 5112115

This piece is a beautiful antique pine from the 1800s! 

There is a society of Solomonic Wizards that live in the mountains of New York.  You probably wouldn't know anything about them because they pride themselves on their hermitage  Their society is somewhat reminiscent of the M. Knight Shyamalan movie The Village, except they live in a network of caves and tunnels that nobody in the area seems to know about.  I only know because I traveled there for an investigation.  It was my invite from one of the wizards, but before meeting them, I wanted to see if I could get my facts straight.  

The fact is that nobody seemed to know anything about lure or supposed stories about this group of wizards.  It's almost as if they never existed in the first place.  These wizards have a written work that was supposedly written by Solomon.  I suppose because there is no way to really prove it.  However, after the experience I had, I firmly believe that they are telling the truth about it.  

It was the creepiest thing actually getting to the cave where the wizard that invited me was located.  I had to walk up some mountain trail, which if you know you know that I wasn't at all happy about that.  I nearly stopped, because I was so intrigued.  Every few hundred yards or so there was this being that would show up dressed in white robes.  It would point, guiding me along the trail.  At one point when I felt like I wasn't going to make it any more the being held out his robe, signaling for me to touch it.  In an instant, I was filled with energy and felt like could run a marathon and like I had slept for a week straight.  It was amazing, like a thousand little tiny volts of electricity that just jolted me to life!  

When I did finally make it to the cave network where they lived, it was astounding to see how modernly convenient everything was even though I had to hike halfway up a mountain to get there.  In the corner of an elaborately decorated room was a small replica of the Ark of the Covenant.  I mean, it was a decent size, but it was small enough that you knew it wasn't the real thing.  However, inside was something very real, which is the whole reason why I was invited to the scene in the first place-- to give the society a second opinion on whether or not what was happening to them was legit.  It definitely was.

Inside of this miniature Ark was a cloudy life form.  It was like a substance sort of like fog, but not grey and damp.  It more of a milky color with all sorts of different shades of light shining through.  As I lowered my face to the Ark to get a better glance at what it might be, the life form inched closer and closer until my body was unable to move.  The milky mist-like substance entered my body by way of my eyes and my nostrils.  I could feel pressure in my head as it made its way to my brain.  

It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but essentially what had happened was the lifeform had entered my subconscious mind.  The lifeform wasn't any old life form either.  It was the very soul-- or should I say a fraction of the soul of King Solomon.  A fraction of this soul, but all of his wisdom lived inside of me.  I know this because I was taken back to the beginning of his life and I was shown all things about him.  His magic.  His wealth.  His djinn.  His temple.  His legacy, so on and so forth.  I received all of his memories and everything that he knows.  It was as if I lived his entire life in a split second.  Then, when I realized what had happened he presented himself to me in full form.

The conversation that I had with him must remain private as I am bound to a spiritual contract.  however, what I was able to take away from the encounter was this piece.  This piece is a beauty.  We tried taking pictures and the pictures look decent, but they do no justice to the actual appearance of the pin.  The clovers are iridescent and extremely beautiful.  The magic within each clover is incredible.  The magic comes from King Solomon himself.  Get this-- he created it using my body to pull the magic since he was in soul form.  Each of the clovers represents a djinn you will receive.  

The first djinn is a wealth djinn.  This djinn is extremely powerful and summons the wealth energies of Heaven.  They will then be delivered to you.  They will turn your finances upside down and inside out.  Wealth will become a common thing in your life, especially since this is wealth beaming down upon you from the glory and splendor of Heaven.  

The second djinn offers you solid and stable white light protection.  This is protection from all things-- darkness, evil, negativity, etc.  However, I want you to think of the broader spectrum for a second.  This piece will also keep you safe from things like the seven plagues, the 7 years tribulation, demons that will invade the Earth during the seven years.  It will keep you safe from the many different scenarios and it won't just keep you safe.  It will also apply to your household and anyone in your house.  

The final djinn is one for destiny.  He holds the full power o the white light destiny of the Holy Ghost.  He has the authority to change your destiny, adding anything to your destiny that you desire or taking anything out of your destiny that you do not want.  This also means that he will be able to show you your destiny.  This way, he can fully tweak, with your consent, the destiny that you will experience.
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