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Southern Belle by Fortune Cookie Soap Co.

Southern Belle by Fortune Cookie Soap Co.

SKU: Jbox230
This is by Fortune Cookie Soap co. This is Amazing!!! I LOVE this! Let me tell you why. Personally I’m afraid to use an oil on my face. You could get greasy looking and who wants that? Not with this and I guarantee it! This is wonderful in the winter and in the summer to prevent signs of aging. It doesn’t matter how dry your face is the first use you will notice a HUGE difference! No more flakes and you won’t look wet. Why have a WAF? Sorry, I had to...  Let me tell you how great this smells. This smells like pineapples and summer. It’s simply wonderful!

All cosmetics are brand new and not swatched unless stated in the listing.  Many are rare and hard to get. All are charmed, cast and energy instilled to create youth, beauty and energy.
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