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Sterling and Gold Apples

Sterling and Gold Apples

SKU: 21322216

This is a sterling and gold wash pendant. It is obviously a tree with fruit. The fruit pieces you program to what you want. I can do this for you or you can do it. For those reaching for unrealistic grabs, it won’t do everything. It will not do immorality, million dollar lottery or frivolous things. This piece will do intelligence, understanding of incomprehensible things. Wealth to where you are comfortable. It will do the understanding of the occult sciences. This will do attraction and any other things you can think of. Conversations with the dead, seeing spirits, moving through dimensions, etc. This is a very powerful piece that’s a good tool to have. One of the things I would add would be protection. Curse removal and clearing along with white light shield is also good. Either way you pick. There are quite a few apples too!

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