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Sumerian King's List

Sumerian King's List

SKU: 922104


If you are looking for something ancient and powerful, then this magic is what you want. The magic in this piece has been derived from a tablet called the Sumerian Kings List. No matter how the power was transcribed into this piece-- we have our ways. The point is that the power of the Kings List has been set into this piece. This piece will allow you to access great and immortal power!

Many people regard the Sumerian King List, also called the Chronicle of the One Monarchy, as a list of kings that were kept by the ancient Sumerians as a means of legitimizing succession of power. However, while it may have helped them organize the hierarchy in their kingdom, this was not the sole purpose or even the primary purpose of the Kings List. Instead, the tablet was imbued with a form of necromantic magic that allowed the dead kings to be called upon well after they had died. Essentially, what had happened is the kings were made immortal in the spirit form.

Why would they want to call on the kings after their death? That’s simple. As with many civilizations, the monarch was seen to be the manifestation of god on Earth. Whether or not that’s true with the Sumerians we don’t know. What we do know is that the kings have great divine magical powers. We only know that because it has been revealed to us during the use of this piece. Each of the kings was blessed with a specific power or ability. It was considered their birthright that proved they were fit to be king. When using this piece to call upon the kings, you will also call upon their ancient powers and abilities. There are many abilities that you will be able to acquire when using this piece. They range from developing extreme wealth to immortality, to opening doors to other planes of existence. This piece is very powerful. All you have to do is bond with it and you will be able to manifest the power that you want. When you choose a power the king that represents that power will come to you and be your guide to mastering that ability. You can use this piece to call upon a different “kind” of power until you’ve gained all the magic you want.

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