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Tesla's Power Grabber

Tesla's Power Grabber

SKU: 3242133


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The piece you are getting is made out of tungsten carbide, which is a highly conductive metal for transferring and receive energies.

This ring is a miniature version of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower.  Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as Tesla Tower was a tower that was supposedly built by Nikola Tesla to test out early forms of wireless transmission.  Well, at least that was the story.  When Tesla couldn't produce conventional results, his financier J.P. Morgan backed out.  Eventually, the tower was sold for scrap to satisfy Nikola Tesla's debt.  

However, the legacy that Tesla developed during his trial run at Wardenclyffe wasn't one that was conveyed to the public or even his financier for that matter.  It was of personal matters and affairs and reflected Tesla's secret obsession with the occult and the metaphysical.

What Tesla effectively created was a tool that could open up a vortex and draw energies from anywhere or from anyone in the world.  At first, the tower was the only way to do this, but people who pushed on with Tesla's dreams, even after some of his projects were found after his death, have been able to develop a smaller item that does the same thing.  

When you wear this piece you will be able to siphon power from other sources.  This goes beyond just our world.  This piece will allow you to siphon magic, energies, and knowledge from souls in other dimensions and realms.  It will allow you to siphon the energies and power of those who are living on Earth.  It will allow you to siphon the energies and powers of places in the universe, such as the cosmos or the zodiac.  You can use these powers for enlightenment, to gain knowledge, to create your own magic, or whatever other purposes you might have for owning this piece.  
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