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Tesla’s Thought Camera +

Tesla’s Thought Camera +

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Tesla’s Thought Camera

In 1894 Tesla came up with a thought camera. He said whatever images someone had in their head were displayed in their retina. Certain fractures of light could catch it and project those thoughts. He did accomplish this first with it being transferred to a camera and then a projection screen. Later on he perfected the light to pick up the images and cast them directly to his eyes and then his brain. The way it worked was certain bright lights while moving or still could project to you if you looked at them. This technology along with the death beam were stolen by the US government after he died. One such invention, the Death beam Russia took interest in and bought. Another which he was about to enjoy was the ageless oscillation machine. I didn’t know any such thing existed, but it does! The item being sold here is the Thought camera combined with the ageless oscillation power. Both are combined, both work immediately. The age rewind is slow but constant and the Thought camera is immediate. To use you just wear it as it is a ring or on a chain, the stone. The stone does come out of the ring and can be worn on a chain. The ring is sterling silver.

When you wear the ring or necklace it will pick up what other people are thinking and automatically transfer it to your mind. The possibilities with this one of a kind piece are unmeasurable! Do you need to know the intentions of your date? Do you need to know what your boss is thinking? What about , what are other employees thinking? Do they have a leg up on your idea? What if someone is trying to steal or beat you to an invention? These are just examples I’m throwing out there. Could someone be thinking of you in a sexual way? If so what do you do about it. Wouldn’t that be a little fun? What if you came across a inhuman body? I did it! Can you image their thoughts! Yeah, it was pretty scary! Like I said this is unmeasurable in what you can do with it! The ageless ability of it? That part while slow is definitely sure! I would like to say the Death beam is with it too but it’s not. We do have one though!

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