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The 12 Golden Keys of Silas

The 12 Golden Keys of Silas

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We are not 100% sure on the metal for this bracelet, but we are pretty sure that it is sterling silver. The stones on this bracelet are alexandrite.

Silas was one of the early leaders of the Christian Church. He was very devout to God, so God blessed him in many ways. One of the ways that God blessed Silas was by given a set of 12 golden keys. Don't bother searching about this in the Bible, because it isn't written there. It isn't written about anywhere.

God informed Silas that he was to keep the existence of the 12 golden keys a complete secret, although he was allowed to use the powers that were bestowed upon them. This he did while he was still alive. When he died the magic in his collection of keys was able to make him a saint, which is a power that is held in one of the golden keys.

While Silas was still on Earth, God informed him that the reason why the existence of these keys was to be kept silent is that in the end times these keys will be presented to somebody who will use them to overcome the evil and darkness that will descend upon the land.

This piece is made possible because Silas came to me and gave me a vision while I sept. In this vision, I saw twelve golden archways with golden doors. Behind these golden doors was the kingdom of Heaven waiting to come through. My head turned and off in the distance I could see twelve golden keys. It was told to me that these were the Golden Keys of Silas and that each one of them opens a door to full white light magic.

When I awoke from my dream the spirit of Silas was at the foot of my bed. He took this piece from off of his body and set it on my bed and his spirit faded. I'm not sure how the item itself was part of the spirit and became transient into physical reality. I"m still trying to wrap my head around that one, but here we are.

This piece is powerful because it holds 12 abilities of God. These abilities are ones that you may or may not have seen before, but I can tell you this much-- these abilities are powerful. They are powerful enough as they are, on their own. However, I was shown by Silas that the powers in this piece will be amplified by thousands once the darkness descends upon the Earth.

Now, since this piece was made with the power of 12 golden keys, twelve outstanding white light abilities will be granted to you when you use it. This piece is very white light and extremely powerful. As I said, the more you work with this piece, the more powers will be revealed to you now-- however, when the time comes this piece will be transformed into the ultimate spiritual weapon that will keep you and those around you safe from the darkness. The twelve white light forms of magic that you will receive are listed below.

1.) The Power of the Divine Flame of the Holy Ghost

2.) The Secret of the 72 Names of God

3.) THe Manifestation of the Christ Bloodline

4.) The ability to control all magic in the universe, including making it your own.

5.) The ability to summon angels directly and to speak to them with the authority of God.

6.) The ability to manifest divine miracles.

7.) The ability to access the knowledge of the forefathers and their magic including Noah, Moses, Aaron, Levi, David, Solomon, Daniel, Elijah, etc.

8.) The ability to be able to into Heaven and to look upon the throne of God. This will reveal his agenda to you and let you in on his secrets.

9.) The ability to speak with the authority of God to all things dark and evil, including demons, but also Satan himself.

10.) Divine, white light psychic awakening. This is the ability to see white light messages from God, it is the ability to see God's plans, it is the ability to be able to see the true identity of demons masquerading as humans, etc.

11.) This is the ability to heal the way Christ healed during his life. At first, this will simply be spiritual healing of the mind and soul. Later, when the darkness comes and the piece is amplified, it will also do physical healing.

12.) Finally, this piece will allow you to manifest your sainthood. As promised, this piece will allow you to join the ranks of the saints when your time to ascend to Heaven rolls around.

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