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The 6th Flame and the Room of Secrets

The 6th Flame and the Room of Secrets

SKU: 22521061

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The piece listed is a 14k rose gold ring with a mined diamond. It is an antique and it is extremely powerful.  Read below for full details.  

We talk a lot about the Christ bloodline and the bloodlines of the divine.  However, they are not the only powerful bloodlines that exist on earth.  In fact, there are plenty of non-white light bloodlines that thrive on Earth.  People do not know they are of the bloodline, so they have not embraced its powers.  That's why we call them non-white light.  The bloodlines themselves are not inherently evil.  Rather, what you do with the power that is bestowed upon you once that bloodline is woken determines what kind of magic it will become.  

Take for instance the bloodline of Balthazar.  If you don't know who Balthazar is you can look him up.  In a nutshell, he is one of Satan's most powerful demons, who was once one of his most powerful angels in Heaven.  During the fall he realized his mistakes, but it was too late to turn back.  Thus, he became the demon of misery.  He would often escape from the pits of Hell to wreak havoc on the lives of humans who lived on Earth.  He brought pestilence and famine to towns and villages, broke the hearts of young lovers, and drank the blood of innocent travelers that he found wandering alone at night.  He also carries the power of what is called the 6th Flame.  

During his travels to Earth, he would take the form of a stately gentleman.  Once when he was out torturing innocent lives in London his eyes fell upon a beautiful specimen of a woman.  Long story short, Balthazar fell in love with the woman.  She was married, but it didn't matter. Balthazar used his demonic influence to force her to fall in love with him and the two had a sordid affair.  This resulted in illegitimate offspring that carried the bloodline of Balthazar.  These children weren't immediately aware of their "gift", as their mother hadn't known that Balthazar was a demon in human flesh.  

It took several generations for the secrets of the bloodline to finally rise to the surface and once it did those who carried it became very powerful.  It was first discovered by an English woman who took a fancy to all things witchcraft.  When she started dabbling in magical arts she realized that she was born with innate qualities.  Once she realized that she was able to open up her lineage and embrace the magic that was instilled in her by the presence of Balthazar's bloodline.  

she immediately established a temple and built a coven around the presence of that Temple.  she sought out the existence of any of her relatives, even distant relatives, who shared the bloodline.  She established a close-knit group of sorcerers who embraced the bloodline they were given.  Hazel herself went on to establish contact with Balthazar who gave her the knowledge of the Sxith Flame.  Hazel built a room called the Room of Secrets.  In this room, she hid the secret of the 6th Flame.  That's not why the room is called the room of secrets, though.

Inside the room of secrets, everyone can hear each other's thoughts.  A barrier is broken down between your mind and all the other minds in the room.  It allows you to see their innermost personal thought, right down to the very essence of their subconscious.  However, the ability is reciprocated and the people in the Room of Secrets can also read your thoughts.  Then, there is the 6th Flame.  

The Power of the 6th FLame is the power of Mind Infusion.  It is technically mind alchemy and can be used in several ways.  The first way this piece can be used is to see the thoughts and into the mind of other people.  They will have no idea that you are doing it.  You will be able to see what they are thinking.  You will able to see into their subconscious to know their entire life, just as if you would have stepped into the Room of Secrets with them.  This is simple enough to comprehend, so we will move onto the next thing.  

We out the power of the 6th Flame and the Room of Secrets into this piece.  This piece allows you to create synthetic thoughts for others.  You can create whatever thoughts you want and then inject them into the other person's mind. This will allow you to create false realities and memories for other people.  You will be able to place this inside of a target's mind.  It will be as if they are authentic.  This will help you control the minds of those around you.  

The 6th Flame allows you to absorb the minds of others.  This includes the minds of spiritual entities.  This piece allows you to absorb the wisdom and intellect of others.  This includes the absorption of any magic that you find in the minds of others.  It will also allow you to absorb the magic of other places and other relics.  For instance, if you wore this piece near the Ark of the Covenant you would be able to absorb its magic.  If you wore this piece around an angel, you could absorb its power.  If you summon Aleister Crowley, you could absorb all of his knowledge of Aiwass and the Great pyramids.

On the flip side, this piece allows you to manifest magic into reality.  So, not only will you be able to absorb and internalize the magic and the energies and the powers that you encounter, your body will now be able to process the data, allowing you to create the magical abilities that you want to create.  Again, this is not an innately evil ability just because it comes from Hell. It all depends on how you use and what you use the magic for that will determine whether this piece will become dark or light.  You simply use the ability.  This ability was, at one point, given to Lucifer from God during his glory days.  It has stayed with him since and this is now the power that you will also have.
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