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The Amber Wealth Tablets of Thoth

The Amber Wealth Tablets of Thoth

SKU: 4202105

This piece is a gorgeous ring with 
sterling silver labradorite, despite the tablets being amber! For more details on this piece ready below!

This piece is actually ground-breaking to us.  We aren't really sure how we have been in the Bohemian Grove so many times and have neglected to find it.  A while back I had somebody ask me why we keep returning to places that we've already been to.  Times like this are why we return.  If we would have never returned we never would have found out about what we are about to tell you-- the Amber Wealth Tablets of Thoth.  

This god Thoth seems to have made his rounds, right?  Here's the thing.  Not everybody at the Bohemian Grove even knows about the tablets.  What?!  Mind blown!  They have this sort of thing.  It's a society within a society.  There are certain levels at Bohemian Grove and they are based on how wealth you are, because even though they are al, they l the 1% they still separate themselves by wealth.  The higher levesl have formed this new society that they call The Chosen o Thoth.  

The Chosen of Thoth have exclusive access to the amber wealth tablets.  The tablets offer ancient wealth energies of the universe that were secured inside of the Great Pyramid due to the way that it lines up with certain constellations.  On the tablets, Thoth has etched a spell that calls forth this ancient wealth.  It turns your body into an energetic vortex that pulls in wealth energies from all over and then wealth to match.  Essentially, the piece holds alchemy that transforms your body into a wealth magnet.  

Wealth will come in many different forms.  Some of it comes in raw wealth energy to which will dictate how you want to experience your wealth.  We will stop short of calling this a wealth transformation because you aren't receiving one of those.  Rather, we can call this piece a wealth turnabout, because that's exactly what this piece does.  It turns your financial situation around from ugly to desirable.
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