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The Angelic Guard

The Angelic Guard

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What people don't understand that I wish they could understand is how God actually operates.  He isn't a giant, huggable old man that is seated at the center of the universe on a throne of gold.  God is an architect-- a magical architect at that.  He was created out of chaos and it is his innate nature to build and create, which is why he created divine code to create the universe out of nothing-- both with spoken Enochian words and numbers.  These were the skeletons upon which the rest of creation were based.  He is the ultimate programmer and designer.  He designed life.  

As any programmer would do, he set up a security patch for the infrastructure that he built.  This security patch comes in the form of angelic beings who are constantly on the lookout for evil and darkness that they can destroy and send back to the pits of Hell.  These angels are called the Angelic Guard.  The Angelic Guard are angels that are specifically sent to Earth in humans for the reasons I just mentioned to you.  

Each member of the Angelic Guard carries a piece of jewelry with them that was designed by God when he created them.  members of the Guard are old and young but retain the shape that God has given them eternally, so they have to move around a lot as to not make people curious.  I'm just telling you this to preface the fact that this piece is not antique or anything like that.  It is a beautiful piece and is made with crystals.

By now, I bet you anxious to know what this piece is and why they have it.  It mentally connects them to a network of energies and white light magical powers that have been specifically crafted by god for the guard.  It allows them to create powerful white light miracles, it allows them to create and alter destiny, it allows them to speak with the authority of God.  It allows them to materialize white light magical abilities out of the cosmic energies on the air.  These are what the Angelic Guard has been given and it is what you will be given when using this piece.
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