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The Angelic Walkers

The Angelic Walkers

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The times are upon us.  We keep telling people that the End of Times has begun, so we hope that people are listening to us.  We might not be in the dead heat of those times, but if you follow the signs and the prophecies, the previews have already begun.  We’re now waiting for the main attraction.  Darkness will take over our land and we will experience Hell on Earth.  We have to because it is written.  Not to worry, though.  For those who believe in God and only those who believe in God (or those who repent and convert), there have been measures set in place to help alleviate the inevitable times.  

One of these safety nets is the fact that God has sent entities to Earth that he calls Angelic Walkers.  Well, he calls them something in Enochian that roughly translates to Angelic Walkers.  These Angelic walkers, as they are called, are angels that were sent to Earth to live normal lives.  They are doctors, teachers, nurses, the local Starbucks barista, and people of all walks of life from across the globe.  They have been ingrained with a certain divine consciousness and when the time comes it will be activated.  In the meantime, they live their normal lives as normal humans and really have o idea what they are or that they will eventually “wake up” and become the protectors of mankind.  

Having said that, this is not an all-at-once type of activation.  God will activate the Angelic Walkers as he needs them.  Some of the Angelic Walkers have already begun awakening and coming to grips with their true identity.  One of these Angelic Walkers-- a Russian woman named Anya who previously worked in the tourism industry-- was a very devout member of the Moscow Patriarchate.  This is who we got this piece from.  I’m not entirely sure how Deedee knew her, but she’s known her for a little while.  Deedee has always said there was something very white light about her, despite her true identity remaining completely hidden because that’s the way God wanted it to remain.  Anya has since been called back to Heaven for some type of secret operation.  She was instructed to pass on her “token” to us, in a vision that was given to her by Gabriel.  

Each of the Angelic Walkers has a token that has been given to them.  These are pieces that have been given to them by other unknown angelic entities, pieces they have felt compelled to buy and keep despite not ever knowing why, or, in some cases, they are family heirlooms that have been passed down because God set their destiny into play a long time ago.  Whatever the case may be, they each have one.  The token they carry is what identifies them.  It is what sets them apart and what will connect them to the divine white light force when the dark times come.  

What we are offering is one of these tokens.  As I type, I know that I am talking to somebody very specific whose identity has already been predetermined.  The price has been set because that is what we have been instructed to set it at.  It will sell when the right person comes along and is compelled to buy it.  Again, if you are mulling this piece over, it could be you.  This token will connect you to God.  Once the toke becomes yours, we will not speak of it ever again.  You should not, because the power can be taken as quickly as it is given.  You will receive the item and you will wear it for 40 days and nights.  The connection will take place and the identity of the Angelic Walker will be hidden within you.  You will obviously know because you are receiving this ability willingly.  

Having said that, your true powers and abilities will manifest when God says the time is right.  In the meantime, this piece will do extreme protection.  I mean, darkness won’t even be able to look in your direction without being obliterated.  Even demons will run in terror because they will know you have the Mark of God, 777, upon your soul.  You will also receive holy visions that will show you what is coming to pass in the supernatural realms.  You will be given eyes that will read the bible in a new light, with the secret encoded messages.  You will read passages of words that mean nothing to regular humans but will release godly and divine insight and knowledge into your mind.  These are the gifts you will receive while waiting.  However, when the curtain drops and prophets the fan, the magical entity that you will become will rival the presence of even the archangels.  You become God’s own creature, capable of very powerful white light magic.
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