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The Arc of the Sorceress

The Arc of the Sorceress

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These earrings are pretty amazing.  They are missing a stone, but that doesn't affect how they work.  The earrings hold the spirit essence of a Romanian sorceress who practices the magical arts of the old way.  She holds the bloodline of Vlad Tepes, but she is not a vampire.  She simply holds the magical part of his bloodline.  When she was young she noticed that she had abilities such as being able to move things with her mind, etc.  As she grew she researched her lineage and cast a bloodline spell that awakened the magic of the Tepes bloodline within her.  

While a lot of people automatically associate the Tepes bloodline with that of vampirism, they forget that the Tepes name was actually associated with extreme magic, which is how they were able to later transform their mortal existence into something immortal.  Either way, this sorceress has ascended into other realms.  Her mortal imprint was left in this set of earrings.  You will either wear one in your left and right ear or hold one in your left and right hand during meditation.  This will create an arc that will circulate the sorceress's powers.

You will be imbued with the ability to call upon the sorceress who will grant you the magic that you ask for.  This includes magic that she will give you such as wealth, protection, or anything else you ask for.  This also includes spells that you want her to cast for you such as love spells or astral spells, etc.  
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