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The Bleeding Statue of Christ

The Bleeding Statue of Christ

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Astounding magic seems to be the theme today as we keep plugging right away with these pieces of archaic and powerful magic. This next piece boasts a large black stone, sterling silver, and 14k gold. It is a pin, but you can also simply carry it in your pocket if you so choose. Either way, the magic of this piece will emanate into your soul and provide you with immense power and knowledge.

So what exactly are we dealing with here? This is an original Knights Templar Piece. It was created with the magic of a life-sized statue known only to the Knight Templar. The statue is called the Shrine of the Bleeding Christ. It is a statue that bleeds a fresh supply of Christ’s blood whenever it is needed.

If you know the history of the Knights Templar then you will know that they were essentially mercenaries who were paid by the church to accompany pilgrims to the holy city of Jerusalem. Dangerous were the roads that led to the holiest place on Earth, but still, people traveled for a glimpse of the roads that Jesus once walked.

In 1312, Pope Clement officially disbanded the Knights Templar after nearly 200 years of service. It was purely a political move and despite the act that the knights were supposedly no longer an officially sanctioned group, they kept meeting in private. They met in many different, secret locations. One of those locations was a grotto that was built in England under a tract of land that is presently known as Caynton.

It was only after they were disbanded by the Catholic Church that the Knights Templar turned to magic. It was only after they were accused of heresy that they felt the need to explore other options. If they were going to be accused of such things, why not actually follow through with them? Either way, it was in the Caynton Grotto where the long-lost artifact known as the Shrine of the Bleeding Christ was rediscovered.

Originally, this piece was made by the Knights templar after using white light summoning magic they had learned about from studying Kabbalah-- ancient Jewish root magic. Their method worked and they were able to summon Jesus Christ himself, during which he told them many things. He showed them many signs. He revealed to them many ancient and hidden secrets of the universe. I”m talking about secrets that could totally and completely change anybody’s life.

After their encounter with Christ, the body that he appeared to them in stood lifeless. It was transformed into stone and took the stigmata of Christ’s wrists. Each one bleeds the real blood of Christ. The statue was later hidden within the underground grotto in Caynton, a meeting place for the Knights Templars where they could meet in secret. When a farmer rediscovered the Caynton Cave system in his backyard, the Knights had no option but to use a piece to travel back in time to relocate the statue. This of course happened after the piece was already rediscovered and made the covers of tabloids all over the world. When they went back in time and relocated the statue, the timeline of events was changed, though. In present-day, the statue was never found obviously, because they hid it elsewhere.

This piece is one that was made thanks to the statue and its ability to bleed the blood of Christ. This blood has created many miracles, powers, and different forms of magic throughout the years. This piece has been made with the blood of Christ by the Knights Templar as a means to provide a true, powerful awakening for anybody who uses it. If you had a past life as a Templar Knight, then this piece will lead you back to the life and will reveal the knowledge that you have lost.

If you have never had a life as a Templar Knight, then this piece will. Create one for you. This piece will bring you all the lost divine knowledge and magic that you want to know. It illuminates your mind with the divine presence of Christ and his bloodline. This piece will provide you with an ascension of the mind into a spiritual existence. In this spiritual existence, the magic and the knowledge and the truth of things will be revealed to you, such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the Temple Mount, the Tree of Life, the Garden of Eden, the Cave of Treasures, and many more.

With this piece you will be able to stand in the Holy of Holies and see into the universe, to behold all that God has created. You will be able to scan these places with your own eyes, but instead of just seeing them the power and the magic of each place will come to you. They will reside in your soul to where you won’t even need to wear this piece to be able to use them because they will become part of who you are.

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